Wooden Disposables: Eco-Friendly Cutlery Alternative

Why is wood such a great material for disposable cutlery? The answer is easy. It’s a 100% natural material, entirely biodegradable, that adds a smooth and sophisticated touch to your tableware presentation. Whether it is birch, poplar or pinewood, the wood used to make the product lines we are going to talk about is cultivated from specially curated forests located all over the world!

wood-disposablesLooking for Eco-friendly plates? The Scandinavia wooden plates are made of poplar and are as pretty as they are functional since they are microwavable and grease resistant. Available with or without a lid, wooden plates are perfect for any occasion or event.

If you are more of a square and rectangular plates’ lover, the Samurai light wood collection is exactly what you are looking for! Stunning in its natural and aesthetic look, they add a beautiful touch to your table when you use them to serve entrees, appetizers or desserts, but you can also use them as takeout or gift boxes thanks to the recycled plastic lids.

As far as food displays and trays, take a look at the nice and sturdy Canada trays. Perfect to display any type of food, they make your presentation look even more tasteful that it already is, especially cheese!

210COUVB4-no-watermarkWhat about wooden cutlery? Not only they are perfect for buffets and receptions, look beautiful and are made from a fully renewable resource – which makes them fully compostable – but they are also perfect for takeout! Rustic and chic, you can use wooden cutlery for any type of food both hot and cold. Why stick with plastic when you have such a great and Eco-friendly alternative?

209MC238-blogAnd if you bake or cook a lot, you will be happy to learn about these amazing wooden baking molds! Great Eco-friendly disposable baking solution, they can be used to bake and serve anything from fresh bread to tarts and pies as they are oven safe. Quaint and rustic, their heart shaped corners make them very original and unique!

Now you know why to go for wooden disposables when looking for disposable items! Spread the word and don’t forget to check out other Eco-friendly items and materials on www.packnwood.com

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