Wood Boxes vs. Cardboard Containers

When it comes to eco-friendly containers, there are many options to choose from. However, many restaurant owners struggle to choose between cardboard and wood options. Both make great containers with benefits for customers and the environment, but they have subtle differences that work better for different situations. These are several of the situations where you should choose one option over the other. 

Reusable vs. Disposable

One of the biggest differences between cardboard and wood containers is how they are used. Both container options are reuseable when used with dry foods. Sterilizing both options takes special care, but wood containers are easier to clean. Because of this, wood containers are reused more than cardboard. If you need containers that will be reused in the restaurant, like serving trays or storage bins, then wood containers are a better option. Cardboard tends to be used for disposable purposes, like delivery containers. 

Elegance vs. Effectiveness

Wood containers are more often used when trying to create a more elegant customer experience. Customers find wood more appealing for these types of experiences than cardboard. However, cardboard containers are more likely to be an effective choice. Cardboard is used to make a wider variety of containers, including specialized containers like pizza and burger boxes. This makes carboard a better option when disposable specialized containers are needed, or your restaurant is more focused on quick turnover than extended customer experiences. 

Heat-Resistance vs. Cold-Resistance

When choosing between wood or cardboard, it is important to consider the use of container when creating the final product. Both wood and cardboard have cold-resistance so that they can be used as takeout and leftover containers. Putting them in the fridge won’t break them. However, not all cardboard is heat-resistant. The container must be specially made for hot conditions, like PacknWood’s Rectangular Microflute Baking Molds. Wood tends to be naturally heat-resistant, making it useful in hot food preparation. Many bakeries use them to transport fresh baked goods to the display case and use wood trays in the display case. 

Compostable AND Biodegradable

One area where you won’t have to choose between the cardboard and wood is in how it is disposed of. Both options are biodegradable, making them better for the environment than traditional materials. When you dispose of them, they will breakdown in landfills without releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment. Wood and cardboard are also compostable, making them useful in industrial composting to enrich soil for farming. Composting reduces the need for chemical fertilizers that can create long-term hazards for farming communities. 

Whichever option you choose, both wood and cardboard are good options for the environment. Plus, PacknWood’s cardboard containers and wood boxes are made using high-quality production materials and methods. Adding them to your restaurant supplies can make a noticeable difference in your customer satisfaction ratings, especially for delivery and takeout orders. Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3840 to place an order for cardboard containers, wood boxes, or other eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you need for your restaurant’s takeout and delivery services. 

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