Winter Mornings: Time For Cupcakes And Muffins

We can’t escape it anymore. Winter is almost here and it is getting colder every day! No matter how chilly it gets, everybody still have to get up and go to work, take the kids to school, or do whatever tasks they do all year long. What can start their day – and their loved ones’ – better than some delicious cupcake or some tasty muffins? Even though they are not excited to get out of their comfy and warm bed, knowing that some tasty pastries are waiting for them on the way is definitely a great motivation!

Now if you have a bakery, a pastry shop or just sell pastries on the side, you want to make those customers happy by offering them what they are looking for on those cold mornings. And in order to convince them that your cupcakes or muffins are the perfect answer to their morning quest, you have to bet on your packaging!

cupcake-boxesWhether they are looking to get a single pastry, a two-piece box or cupcakes for the whole family, you have to be prepared! Look at these pretty little cupcake boxes. Able to fit one to four muffins or cupcakes, they are sure to make your delicious creation look as good as they taste and to convince whoever set an eye on them that they are exactly what they were looking for!

With stylish and bright colors on the inside, they still look classy and elegant on the outside with their clear shinny stripes. Perfect to go option, they are great to take home for breakfast or to work and as the inserts are included you don’t have to worry about transportation: your pastries will still look great after their journey!

These beautiful cupcakes boxes are also made of paper and are 100% recyclable. Functional, beautiful and Eco-friendly, what else could you ask for?


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