Winter Cocktail Ideas

The Holidays may be over, it doesn’t mean you are not hosting catering events, dinner parties or receptions anymore! Because winter is here and the weather is cold, we thought you might be looking for a couple of Winter Cocktail recipes. What could be better than welcoming your guests with heartwarming cocktails around the theme of winter?

Here are 2 very different Winter Cocktail recipes that will delight your guests on this cold season.

When you are trying to warm up, the first thing that usually crosses your mind is drinking hot beverages. This recipe of Hot Cocoa with Rum will definitely warm up whoever will drink it! For two persons, pour two cups of hot milk and add cocoa – or about 4 ounces of bite-size piece of dark chocolate. Add cinnamon sticks, a couple of teaspoons of honey and sugar and stir until everything is melted. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and one or two teaspoons of rum per person depending on your tastes. After taking out the cinnamon stick, top the cup with whipped cream and enjoy this amazing hot beverage!

But hot beverage are not the only Winter Cocktails that your guests will be craving!


When it comes to actual cocktails, the perfect winter one is the Pomegranate-Champagne Punch. Because the Holidays are over doesn’t mean we can’t have champagne anymore! And this cocktail is very easy to make: in a large bowl or pitcher, mix 2 cups of pomegranate juice, 1 cup of pear nectar and ¼ cup of orange-flavored liquor such as Grand Mariner. Slowly add a whole bottle of champagne to the mix and serve over ice. Don’t forget that presentation is very important! To add a special touch of originality – and possibly a piece of fruit – add a beautiful bamboo skewer such as those and make sure your drinks look amazing!

210BCHIC90180.blogIf you are also looking for something to be serve with this wonderful cocktail, keep in mind that chocolate sweets are a great match with champagne – as well as strawberries, – and if you are looking for something to display them, take a look at this beautiful white sugarcane plate! Eco-friendly, economical and very elegant, this beautiful disposable plate is 100% compostable – forget the guilt!

straws-blogpostAnd for those events where kids are invited, keep in mind that it’s all about the fun and serve their soft drinks with those original paper straws. Not only they look pretty and add color to your tables but they are also compostable and Eco-friendly. What else could you ask for?


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