Using Tamper-Proof Seals in Food Delivery

Food delivery is an important part of how restaurants operate, but delivery services come with their own set of unique problems that need to be addressed to be successful. One of the biggest concerns that customers have when ordering from a delivery service is having their food tampered with before it is delivered. The easiest way to address this problem is to use tamper-proof seals for every delivery. This makes delivery meals more secure but provides several other important benefits. Here’s a look at using tamper-proof seals in food delivery.

What are Tamper-Proof Seals


Tamper-proof seals usually take the shape of a sticker that is placed over the opening for a delivery container. Because of how they are made, there is no way to remove the sticker without destroying it if it is placed correctly. The sticker will let the customer know that no one has tampered with their items. Tamper-proof seals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some are made to resemble small stickers, you can also have larger seals the wrap all the way around the container.

Why Use Tamper-Proof Seals?


Using tamper-proof seals in your delivery services improves the relationship with the customer. Not only does it address one of the biggest concerns that customers have, but it also shows that you care about providing the best quality service. Customers prefer restaurants that will go the extra step to ensure that their food is safe and well taken care of until delivery. Tamper-proof seals also prevent problems for restaurants. It ensures there are no problems with food deliveries, which can cast the restaurant in a negative light and drive customers away. Even restaurants that do not routinely have problems with delivery order tampering can benefit from using tamper-proof seals. Just placing the seals on your delivery items improves customer perception of your restaurant making them more likely to order again.

Spill Prevention


Although it is less common, delivery orders spills are still a significant problem that needs to be addressed. Since tamper-proof seals stick to the container, they can be used to help hold the container shut. While tamper-proof seals do not make containers spillproof, they can provide the little extra support that some containers need to ensure that they stay completely sealed.



Depending on where you source here tamper-proof seals from, you can use them as a chance to brand your delivery meals. Companies like PacknWood can custom print tamper-proof seals with your logo on them. That way, it is clear that your company made the food and delivered it without a problem. It is an effective way to extend your brand experience into customers’ homes. Even if they don’t come to the restaurant, they will still associate the experience with your branding and your restaurant.

Add Tamper-Proof Seals to Your Delivery Supplies

Your delivery services can be the key to your continued success if you can maintain a high-quality experience for customers. Add PacknWood’s tamper-proof seals to your delivery supplies to ensure that your deliveries reach customers without problems. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service for assistance in placing an order.

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