Use PacknWood Brown Sugarcane Lids for Your Eco-Friendly Cup Cover

For centuries, sugarcane has been manufactured into sugar to make our food sweet and then produced for ethanol, bioelectricity, and now as food packaging material. PacknWood is a proud supplier of eco-friendly products using natural raw materials like sugarcane. Their new products, Brown Sugarcane Lids, are perfect for covering your drinks for take-out or delivery services. They are available in two sizes, which are suitable for your small and large cups. Here are the other reasons why you will love these sugarcane lids.  

No Spills

People on the go will appreciate these Brown Sugarcane Lids because they will prevent spills from their drinks, which is very convenient during transport. They will not worry about their outfit or uniforms getting coffee stains when they walk or spills in their cars when they drive. The small hole will also prevent sudden splash because air can get into the cup to replace the pressure-volume of the liquid you sip.

Prevent Heat Loss

When customers cannot finish their big cup of joe at a breakfast cafe, they choose to take away their beverage, or when they order for delivery, you want to keep their drinks hot during the delivery period until it arrives at the destination. Using these lids will help to trap hot air in your cups to prevent heat loss.


These lids are made of plant-based materials, which are very safe for the environment. If your restaurant has its own composting space, you can simply add these lids together with the other food waste. On the other hand, your customers can also put these lids in their compost bins, which will be great fertilizer for their plants later on.


Good Customer Service

Mornings are usually busy. Employees opt to have a grab and go option for their coffee or tea. Offering good take-out accessories such as coffee lids are part of showing you care to your patrons. You want them to enjoy the warmth of their coffee until they reach their offices. Not to mention, these brown sugarcane lids are environmentally-friendly, so you stand out among those cafes and restaurants that provide plastic coffee lids.  


Eco-Friendly Alternative

Plastic lids may be small, but they have a big impact on the environment. Consider how many people consume coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages in the morning for their grab and go breakfast options, for ordering their delivery for their business meetings, and many more. Switching to eco-friendly alternatives like PacknWood’s Brown Sugarcane Lids shows your care for nature, and your environmentally-conscious customers will surely appreciate this change. Imagine a coffee shop, restaurant, breakfast cafe, food trucks, and other businesses taking part to help the environment even in this little way of using a green coffee lid product that can reduce waste in the landfills. To order your brown sugarcane lids, call (201) 604-3840 or visit  for chat support assistance. 

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