Tips for Improving Food Delivery Packaging

Even before the health crisis, food delivery is said to be the future of the restaurant business. The changing lifestyles leading to more people looking for instant and accessible, delicious meals created another massive potential for online delivery platforms and ghost kitchens. Imagine getting food in just a tap of your finger on the smartphones.

While there are many considerations to set up a restaurant food delivery system, such as updating POS and outsourcing the right delivery company, the right food delivery packaging should be taken into account, too. Take a look at PacknWood’s Round Kraft To-Go Containers and know why these can improve your food delivery packaging.

Kraft Paper

These To Go containers are made of Kraft paper that is known to be durable. They can hold both hot and cold foods, wet or dry. Moreover, they are grease resistant, leakproof, and 100% recyclable. The food grade Kraft paper also helps to maintain the temperature of foods. This will give customers a more enjoyable experience as they can still savor the warmth of their soup and the refreshing coolness of their salad. 

Bigger Capacity

Round Kraft To Go Containers provide two different sizes with a bigger capacity leaving plenty of room for your food. They are available in 16 ounces and 20 ounces, which is good if your restaurant offers family-sized portions.

Versatile Packaging

Takeout and food delivery packaging should be versatile to suit any type of food your restaurant sells. From soup, pasta, salad, rice meals, and even cold desserts like ice cream can be served in these PacknWood Round To Go Containers. This kind of flexibility will allow restaurants to get more savings because they do not need to buy specific ones for each food on the menu, making these containers an economical option for the business. In addition, these containers do not need lots of space as they are stackable, making them fit as food truck supplies too.

Easy Branding 

With their neutral kraft color, these Round To Go Containers can be easily personalized with stickers, logos, business contacts, and social media accounts. However, PacknWood also offers customization with minimum order quantity requirements. This will help your customers remember your restaurant every time they order takeout or delivery and will give them a chance to leave good reviews on your social networks. 

Eco-friendly Packaging 

The continued increase in takeout and food delivery means more disposable packaging is needed. Investing in better and eco-friendly packaging will not just benefit your food business, but you will be contributing less plastic and styrofoam waste in the landfills.    

At PacknWood, we wanted to show in our products that you can remain committed to the environment while using beautiful and functional food service supplies that will improve your takeout and delivery services. The CO2 method is also a step that we make to lessen not just the waste but also the carbon dioxide footprints.  

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