The New Bio’n’Chic Sugarcane Collection

Here at Packnwood, we like to think that we are great at manufacturing Innovative Food Packaging. We aim to create the best economical and Eco-friendly products, and design fashionable, functional and environmentally sustainable tableware that adds a special touch to your culinary presentation. We recently added new products to our catalog and today we would like to introduce you our new Bio’n’Chic Sugarcane collection.

sugarcane-platesWe are proud to expand our line of innovative and eco-friendly sugarcane products. This year we feature a wide range of disposable sugarcane items in a variety of shapes and designs, including stylish plates, bowls, to-go solutions, airline trays, mini-dishes, cocktail ware, and ice cream containers. These refined, yet economical, products are developed using entirely renewable resources and are fully compostable.

Our most refined and polished sugarcane products, the Bio’n’Chic line features sleek, minimalist lines to accentuate their contents. Ranging from compartmental trays to egg shaped bowls, these items are stylish yet practical.

210APU3TAPA-blogMy personal favorite Bio’n’Chic Sugarcane Collection item is this beautiful three Compartment Sugarcane Plate. Perfect for tapas, appetizers or even desserts it makes your food looks delicious and fancy and makes it easier to serve!


What is so great about Sugarcane? Just in case you are not sure about what it is, here’s a little sum up for you.

sugarcaneSugarcane, also called Pulp or Bagasse, comes from the natural residue of the Sugarcane harvest. Previously this material was considered useless and destroyed, but our design team has been able to find several good uses for it. 100% biodegradable and compostable and conform to norm EN13432 of the European Biodegradability Standard, our sugarcane products are also microwavable and grease resistant, which makes them perfect for any type of appetizers, entrees or dessert. Best Eco-friendly alternative to paper plates and plastic plates, their crisp white design brings food to life!

It isn’t hard to be environmentally friendly and elegant when using disposable products, you just need to find the appropriate ones, and we think you just did!

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  • See our Square Sugarcane Plate on YouTube here!
  • See our Rectangular Sugarcane Plate on YouTube here!

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