Takeout Solutions: Meet our New Buckaty Collection!

No matter what kind of business you have, as long as you offer take out you need to think about the best take out options for your clients or customers. You, of course, want your take out boxes to be functional and suitable for all of your food items but you also want to add that special touch that will somehow differentiates you from your competitors.

BuckatyLet me introduce you to our wonderful Buckaty Collection! Stylish and elegant, our microwavable take out containers are ideal for soups, salads, pasta, gelatos… even ice cream! Leak proof and grease resistant, they are ideal for eating and serving hot & cold food. Their fresh and bright colors turn them into the perfect to-go option.

Made of paper and available with see through recyclable plastic lids to display food or vented lids suitable for hot food, our Buckaty boxes are also 100% recyclable which makes them so much better than any other take out box! Eco-friendly , customizable with your logo and available in 4 sizes. Our boxes are so pretty that they have also been used as take out favor boxes! Just pick your size, your color and you lid material and you’re good to go!

Buckaty2The best part? They are stackable which makes it really easy to transport!

To sum it up, the Buckaty Collection is a beautiful solution for to-go hot and cold foods. Featuring a range of sizes and lid materials, these products can beautifully display and carry anything from a colorful summer salad to a hearty soup, and enable consumers to eat directly from the packaging.


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