Takeout Solution: Kray Paper Boxes

Especially in big cities or fast-paced environment, people might feel that they live at their office sometimes! With no time to go out for lunch, takeout has taken an important place in people’s daily routine, which means businesses have to pay extra attention to their takeout option and packaging solutions.

As you all know, image is really important and the boxes used for takeout definitely change, improve or damage businesses’ brand image. Not only they have to look good, allow customers to catch a glimpse of their food and be easy to transport, but they also have to meet customers’ expectations and with the growing environmental awareness the trend is to be Eco-friendly.

So now you are looking for trendy, functional and Eco friendly to-go packaging and here is exactly what you need!

KRAY.jpgKray Boxes display delicious products for all the world to see. Perfect for almost any item, from sandwiches to cakes, these Kraft boxes elegantly frame their contents, allowing the delicious food to entice customers with an unobstructed view. You can’t be more functional or trendy! And when it comes to the Eco-friendly aspect, the Kray boxes are made of paper and are 100% natural & recyclable. They also are an affordable Green alternative to plastic. What else could you ask for!

From pies to salads through wraps and pizza slices, the different shapes and sizes available make them perfect for any food item. Takeout food has never looked so good!


Now you just have to check out all the options and figure out which size would fit your needs best… and that’s the easy part!

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