PacknWood Food Service Supplier Now Carries Eco-Friendly Kraft Reed Straws

PacknWood is excited to add Kraft reed straws to its catalog of eco-friendly restaurant and hospitality supply solutions.  The new straws are made from reed, a natural plant that is part of the grass family. It is found naturally on the water or in marshes. As a straw, it is durable. It can withstand hot […]

PacknWood Adds Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Bread Bags with PLA Windows to its Restaurant Supply Catalog

PacknWood, an eco-friendly food service supply company, adds a new, in-demand product to its online catalog: Kraft Paper Bag with PLA Window for sandwiches, baguettes, and bread loaves.  The Kraft Paper Bag with PLA Window is made from Kraft paper and PLA made from cornstarch. The bags are biodegradable and industrially compostable. Corn and paper […]