Use PacknWood Brown Sugarcane Lids for Your Eco-Friendly Cup Cover

For centuries, sugarcane has been manufactured into sugar to make our food sweet and then produced for ethanol, bioelectricity, and now as food packaging material. PacknWood is a proud supplier of eco-friendly products using natural raw materials like sugarcane. Their new products, Brown Sugarcane Lids, are perfect for covering your drinks for take-out or delivery […]

Benefits of PacknWood Compostable Rippled Cups For Coffee Shops

210GCR4BG, 210GCR8BG, 210GCR12BG and 210GCR16BG Coffee is an important part of our daily lives, that is why PacknWood created these eco-friendly and disposable Rippled Black & Beige Cups so your customers can enjoy their coffee without hurting or burning their hands from the heat. PacknWood also offers different sizes of cups to suit your coffee […]