Surprise Dishes: How To Surprise Your Guests

As caterers, party hosts, or restaurant owners, we all know that originality is very important especially when the competition is important. Ever wondered how to surprise your guests in an original and elegant way? We have an idea that your guests and customers will love!

Think about a dish, an appetizer or a dessert – that is more likely going to be loved by everyone – and only serve it in a closed box or closed tray. You can decide to serve the main entrée this way but if you don’t want to take too many risks – which can also be understandable – you can just add a little surprise dish at the end or the beginning of the event. It’s the best way to intrigue your guests who won’t know what it is or what to expect and will be extremely excited to try something surprising! Your little surprise will definitely add a little excitement and entertainment to the event and turn it into an unforgettable one.

210SAMBQ130-2Look at this beautiful wooden box. With its stunning natural design, not only it adds a beautiful touch to the table but it also makes the perfect surprise box when used with the wooden lid. Use some natural Raphia to wrap the boxes and you will have a charming and eco-friendly presentation for your surprise dish.

You can get different box sizes to fit all the surprise dishes you can think of. Wooden boxes are biodegradable so don’t worry about the earth. Microwaveable and grease resistant, you can use them for any type of cold or hot food so just free your imagination!


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