Stylish Takeout and Food Delivery Box Collection

Some fast-food restaurants and food trucks may like round bowls for their soup, salad, pasta, and rice meals, but if your restaurant cafe or a bakery cafe, PacknWood provides other options for your takeout and food delivery containers. The new takeout boxes collection is part of the PacknWood Grab and Go product line, namely White and Kraft Laminated Window Boxes. They are 7.18 x 4.45 inches in size. Here’s what you need to know more about these takeout and food delivery boxes.

Food Grade Cardboard Box

Made of food grade cardboard paper, these boxes can be used for both hot and cold foods. In fact, the base is safe to go in a microwave. The inside is coated to make it leak-proof and grease resistant.  

Great Food Display

These boxes have a high-visibility window that allows customers to see the bakeries cakes or pastries and restaurant cafes pre-packaged meals with their beautiful food presentation.  The clear plastic made it possible to see what is inside the box, is made of eco-friendly materials called “bioplastics” that will decompose within three to six months. Using these boxes will help you entice more customers to buy your products even if you don’t offer food samples. 


With their elegant white and natural Kraft finish, these Laminated Window Boxes are perfect for holiday season special food gifts promo or catered events food giveaways. Whether a box of cookies, macarons, or sweet candies, guests will surely be delighted.

Start an Online Food Business

Online food business and virtual restaurants are also growing with their collaboration with food delivery companies. Using versatile takeout containers and delivery packaging can give start-up businesses more savings. However diverse the food menu or the baked goods are, these White and Kraft Laminated Window Boxes work well with most food items. 

For example, they can be used for pasta, salad, rice, sandwiches for small catering lunch meals.  Adding wooden cutlery will complete your eco-friendly package look. If you’re passionate about baking, your homemade cookies, little cakes, and pastries will look good on these boxes. You can also try using PacknWood baking cups with different shapes and designs like lotus, tulip to create stunning cupcakes and muffins. 

These boxes are easy to personalize; either you put a small sticker logo in the middle or avail PacknWood customization service with minimum order requirements.

Adding Eco-Friendly Products To Your Food Service Supplies

Shifting to eco-friendly food service supplies will benefit the environment and your business branding. You can attract more eco-conscious and promote awareness about green products while helping diminish waste in the landfill. 

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