Steps to Start Catering Corporate Lunches

corporate lunch catering
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Catering corporate lunches is an effective way to widen your individual customer base while serving other businesses in the area. Being successful requires effective planning and the right tools to keep your clients happy. Here are the steps to start catering corporate lunches.

Do Research and Find Customers

Begin the process by researching the local corporate catering market. Look for specific things that corporate caterers provide as well as business trends that local businesses are interested in. For example, many businesses are looking to improve their environmental impact, so using packing and serving products like our “NOAH45” Heavy Duty Wooden Tray (SKU 210WOODTRAY45) can be a unique service proposition for you. It will help you develop a more attractive service for businesses by using eco-friendly products.

While you are conducting research on the market, look for potential customers. Large corporate clients are different from mid-sized or small corporate clients, and you need to plan differently to serve them. Decide the size of the business that you want to serve and make a list of companies that fit your requirements. Include contact information for each company, since it will make later steps in starting your corporate catering service easier.

Develop Your Service Plan


Plan the services that you want to offer. Outline your service plan so that you can confidently describe your services to potential corporate clients. A part of this plan is to decide what serving and packaging materials you will use. You can choose a theme, such as using all white trays and other materials. For this, something like our Round Sugarcane Platter (SKU 210APUC455) and other matching supplies give you the design aesthetic that you want while incorporating eco-friendly packaging.

When you develop your services, it is important that you begin to find the supplies that you will use so that you can find a supplier. Setting a price for your services is arguably the most important part of your service plan, and you can’t calculate your prices to you know how much your supplies will cost. Fortunately, there are suppliers like PacknWood that will help you find the right supplies for your catering services.

Start a Relationship


When you have everything in place, start a relationship with your potential customers. The list that you made during the planning stay is now your starting point for making relationships. Approach your potential clients with your unique value proposition in mind. Using eco-friendly serving and packaging materials can be a unique value proposition that sets your company apart.

It may help to take samples with you so that your clients can get a better idea of your style choices. Our PLA Compostable Cups (SKU 210GPLA670) made from cornstarch are a good choice, as you can show off an eco-friendly product that potential clients can drink from during the consultation. Many of our smaller products, like our Khlong Bamboo Spoon (SKU 209BBKHLONG), are easy to transport and demonstrate the quality of our environmentally-conscious products.

When you establish relationships with corporate catering clients, continue to deliver high-quality services by partnering with a reliable supplier. To learn more about our line of green food packaging, email us at to request a catalog.

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