Soup Takeout Options: Get Ready For Winter!

As I’m sure you have noticed, it is getting cold out there and as the winter is getting closer more and more people are going to be looking for delicious soups to take home to warm up.

If your business is making or selling soup, you might be looking for the best packaging option for takeout and as environmental awareness is increasing it definitely is a smart move for your company to go for a sustainable solution. You might think that disposable packaging and Eco-friendly packaging are not compatible and that’s where you are wrong! You can find plenty of disposable Eco-friendly solutions and here are a couple of examples that could give you great ideas.

The two best materials you can choose from are Sugarcane and Paper.

img12Let’s get started with Sugarcane bowls. Entirely compostable, Sugarcane is one of the most Eco-friendly and economical material you can find. Suitable for cold and hot liquid, Sugarcane Bowls are perfect for soup and make transportation easier when used with a lid. Because Sugarcane is freezer safe, it is also possible for your clients to take your soup home and freeze it to be able to drink it on an even colder day!


bucketsWhat about Paper containers? Whether you are looking for mini soup cups or bigger soup containers, you can find every size you want! From green to-go container to white to-go container, you can choose to be classic or original by staying stylish and elegant. You also get to choose between a see through lid or a vented paper lid that are both great for hot and cold food. Transporting soup has never been that easy and Eco-friendly as paper containers are 100% biodegradable!

Both solutions are great Eco-friendly options and only the looks and style will help you choose one or the other.

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