Serve Your Tacos with These Eco-Friendly Taco Holders

When you think of Mexican cuisine, most probably, you will think of tacos. It can satisfy any diet, from protein or meat lovers to vegetarians. Preparing tacos, especially for the fragile hard shells, can be messy and may ruin your food presentation for your restaurant, taco stand, or Taco Tuesday dinner party. These PacknWood New Taco Holders will save you from your dilemma. They can hold your tacos in an upright position, so you don’t have to worry about your tacos falling over and spilling out. The taco holders are available in two sizes, 6.3” x 3.54” and 3.39”x 2.48”.

Poplar Wood & C02-Neutral Method

PacknWood focuses on developing eco-friendly products using their existing natural resources on which one of them is wood. With a variety of selection, they used POPLAR wood for these taco holders. This wood is biodegradable, and PacknWood manufactured them using C02-Neutral. This process limits the impact on the environment because of reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Versatile Design

The usual taco stand design has narrow spacing; thus, you can only use them with tacos. PacknWood’s Taco Holder has lots of possibilities. You can serve hotdogs and corn on the cob at a festival, flatbread sandwiches in your cafe, appetizers, or lettuce or cabbage wraps for your restaurant catering services and other food items. 


Unique Serving Dish for your Cafe

Have you heard of apple pie tacos and pancake or waffle tacos? These holders are a perfect serving dish for them. They are sturdy enough to hold these delicious breakfasts in an upright position, letting your patrons see more of the yummy goodness inside. From the tasty fillings to the addition of whipped cream topped with fruits and chocolate or caramel drizzle, these holders will make any dish you serve the best seller.

Wedding & Corporate Events

Offer your corporate guests a unique and best dining experience by serving your gourmet tacos or lettuce wraps using PacknWood taco holders to your buffet table. You can also use these elegant-looking taco stands for your catered wedding events; they will surely add creative design to your formal events.


Shifting to Eco-Friendly Food Service Supplies

If you are switching to more eco-friendly food service supplies, try these taco holders from Packnwood to start your green campaign initiative. Call (201) 604-3840 for order assistance or visit our website at for more eco-friendly product options. 

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