Restaurant Brand Image: Choose the Best Take-Out Options

As you know, the food market is extremely competitive, especially is big cities such as NYC. But because it is doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of the cake! You just have to remember one thing: it is all about your brand image.

Giving a good and positive image of your establishment is mandatory not only to attract customers but to keep them. They key to effective branding is simply implement a consistent marketing strategy. To make it simple, let me put it that way: your customers will associate everything from the way your serve your food to your take-out options with your restaurant and you have to make sure everything is sending the right message and giving an image that fits your brand. Remember that everything reflects the appearance of your brand.

Your restaurant image is also what differentiates you from your competitors and what gives your restaurant an identity and a personality. The quality of the food you serve isn’t the only thing that will impact your customers’ opinion.

Let’s take the example of take-out options. Don’t forget that with takeout your customers take your brand image at home!

You can have the most delicious food and a great location, if when people order take-out you deliver it in regular plastic boxes or foam boxes, the image quality of your restaurant will inevitably drop and it is a shame!

Especially if you have high quality food items, people will definitely feel like it tastes better when the way to present it is better looking.  Your customers experience goes on at home which makes is mandatory to look good.

And don’t forget that the trend is to be Eco-Friendly. No matter what kind of boxes you are looking for, remember to go for sustainable options. It’s a small gesture that your customers will appreciate for sure.



Let me give you some ideas. If your meals look good, you have to show them! A great solution would then be an Eco-friendly box with lid. Available in many shapes and sizes, you can be sure you can find something that fits your needs perfectly with the Kray Boxes Collection.

(Check out our  Brown Wrap/Cookie Sleeve with Window YouTube 360 Video here!)



BuckatyYou might also need leak proof and hermetic containers whether it is for soup, ice cream or even salad. You should definitely take a look at the Buckaty To-Go containers. Green To Go Container or White To Go Container, with a clear recyclable lid or a sugarcane lid and also available in different sizes, they are a very economical and Eco-friendly take-out solution and give a very upscale image to your brand.

(Check out our Brass Knuckles Take Out Lunch Box YouTube 360 Video here!)

See, it isn’t hard to find great economical, Eco-friendly and elegant looking take-out solutions and you can be sure it will help your business.


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