How To: Eco-Friendly Cooking, Parties and Catering Events

Going green is becoming inescapable in the everyday life. Saving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, recycling, reducing waste… Even Eco-friendly cooking is now trendy! And the best part is that most of the Eco-friendly habits are budget friendly!

Here are a few ideas that will help you go green while cooking:

  • Of course the first thing to do is to Buy Local as much as possible. Not only it helps supporting local farmers but it also saves the environment the transportation cost and they usually are Organic Products! No pesticides or chemicals and they are better for you.
  • Cook with Natural Gas stove. They are energy efficient and Eco-friendly and are preferred by many professional or amateur cooks! You can also watch out for Aluminum Foil waste. It is often non-recyclable.
  • Use Eco-friendly cookware, it helps reducing energy use!

Now, everything seems pretty easy but sometimes you can only do the best you can! Let’s say you’re having a party and you just can’t even start to imagine having to do the dishes at the end of the day!  You then have to think about using disposable tableware. But once again, you may think that it is not a “green” option and feel bad… Well you shouldn’t!

210BBT61Whatever you are cooking, you can find suitable sustainable baking molds!  Looking for disposable baking trays to cook and serve your appetizers? Check out those cute little “Canada” Molded Wooden Trays!



209MC500Would you rather serve bigger entrees? How about using the charmingly quaint and rustic baking mold!



209CPST3MAre you more of a pie and cupcake baker? Don’t worry, you can find disposable silicone baking molds or wooden molds as well!



209MC6They all go in the oven and look super fancy when served! And the best part is that they are all compostable and biodegradable. See, green cooking and cake baking isn’t that hard! Whether you are having a wedding reception, a bridal shower or any other kind of catering event, PACKnWood got covered with their elegant and eco-friendly disposable products.


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New Sugarcane Disposable Plates, Bowls, and Trays

Sugarcane Serving Bowls
Bowls, plates, trays, fiber

With the recent growth of sustainable development more and more people are trying to act eco-friendly as often as possible, and it’s a good thing! But sometimes you have to organize catering events or plan a party and it’s not always simple to figure out a way to stay “green” when using disposable tableware for a large amount of people.

Starting off with the new sugarcane range of products by PacknWood, it is now easy!

Are you organizing a wedding or a bridal shower and looking for unique and elegant disposables? Are you trying to plan a sustainable but fancy cocktail or buffet? The compostable sugarcane plates and sugarcane trays with their neat design will help you to respect the environment in a trendy way.


Sugarcane fiber is used to create this unique and disposable food packaging. Sugarcane products are not only biodegradable and compostable but also microwaveable which makes any party or upscale event easy to organize and manage.


Whether you are looking for sugarcane mini dishes, sugar cane plates or bowls PacknWood’s sugarcane tableware is the perfect eco-friendly option.

Stylish sugarcane tableware is the new eco-friendly upscale alternative!

Not only it is great for the environment, but its originality adds a special touch to your event and you can be sure your guests will remember!

PacknWood’s sugarcane tableware is a cost effective elegant solution for any event.

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