How To Go Green in 7 Easy Steps

Everyone is going green these days and the question we all want to know is where to start? Well, don’t worry here are some easy and inexpensive things to do or change at home or at work in order to be more earth-friendly.

1-      First of all, Educate yourself! There’s so much accessible info everywhere nowadays that it is just impossible not to learn a little bit about how to be sustainable. This blog post is the perfect example! And how could you help solve a problem if you don’t even know what the problem is? Whether it’s on websites, on TV or in magazines, you can easily learn a lot about what’s going on!

2-      One of the most important things is to buy smart. Be careful and try to buy recycled items whenever possible. It’s not necessarily more expensive and it’s so much better for the earth. You can also pay attention to how and where the products are made and support greener companies. And when you go shopping, think about bringing reusable bags to avoid using plastic bags that are bad for the environment.

recycle-logo3-      Recycle whenever possible! It’s really easy to do, it’s inexpensive and it doesn’t take to much time. Lots of products are recyclable and they are easy to tell apart from the non-recyclable items because they have this little triangle, often located at the bottom. Make sure to separate them  in different bins!

4-      Some products, and all the food items, are compostable. Compost whenever possible because it’s the best way to preserve the earth! We were talking about buying smart: buying compostable items is a great way to go green!

5-      Have you ever been wondering the benefits of going green? Besides the fact that is better for the earth and our future generations, it can also save you money! How so? Just by saving energy and water. It’s pretty easy! Turn the lights off when you leave a room, use energy efficient bulbs and appliances and most importantly, try to use greener transportation! Walk to work, use a bike or take public transportations whenever possible. It is better for the earth, better for your health and also better for your wallet! What else could you ask for?!

6-      Last but not least, eat smart. How so? Eat local, seasonal and organic food! If you are having people over and really have to use disposable tableware, use eco-friendly disposable tableware! They are easy to find, affordable and can be very fancy looking!

See, being Eco-friendly doesn’t require you to go to extremes such as going solar or only eating what you grow yourself. Be careful about what you consume and try to recycle whenever you can! Good luck!

Macaroon Gift Boxes & Recipes

Macaroons. It’s funny to see how much attention one word can get!

Let’s be honest, we are all kind of fascinated by those delicate and delicious sandwich-cookie looking French treats.


Made of ground almonds, egg whites and sugar, French macaroons have the reputation of being extremely hard to successfully make!

The possibilities and tastes are endless and imagination seems to be the only creative limit. Not only they are originally from France (and this reason alone could be enough to make us want to eat some) but they also taste amazing and most importantly, they look wonderfully fun.

Cute and colorful, macaroons are without a doubt a great gift idea. Birthday gifts, valentine’s gifts, Christmas gift… It works every time!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t know how to make macaroons!”macaroons boxes

Don’t worry, we don’t either but there are plenty of great macaroon recipes online. We thought you might be looking for one so we went through a couple for you! If you are looking for an easy French Macaroons recipe, Martha Stewart teaches you how to bake macaroons in less than 2 hours! Check it out!

Here comes the interesting part.  You have your macaroons ready, whether you baked them yourself or not, and you really want to bring them as a gift to a date, a dinner, or a party!

The next step is to find the perfect gift box! Beautiful macaroons always make an awesome impression but remember that presentation is everything!

macaroons 5 boxes

Going to a dinner with lots of guests? Our Kray Square Brown Box with Window would be the perfect way to please everyone and allow them to take a look at the delicious macaroons before picking one! Looking for a bigger box fancier? We got you cover with the Large Macaroon Wood Box!


Trying to impress your date? Whether you choose a Cylindrical Wooden Box or more classic paper boxes, they will love it!


Check out our Wooden Rectangular Boxes with Window Lid on YouTube here and here!

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