Original Skewers: LUKA Bamboo Double Pick with Adjustable Ball

When it comes to skewers, you might think that you have seen it all and that there is no way to be very original. A skewer is just used to hold pieces of food together, right?


Think again, because there are actually many way to be different and original and to separate yourself from your competition just by the use of skewers. Used for garnishes on cocktails or to display food at parties and catering event, and also great for creative meals and food display, picks and skewers have many uses and it is only up to you to make the best out of it.

Now you might ask yourself how different from each other can those skewers be. And the answer is easy: very different! Whether it is a matter of size, shape, color or material, possibilities are endless! You can choose from classy crystal picks to sea horse shaped bamboo pick or simply go for design and colorful bamboo picks but the particular skewer we are going to talk about now is much more original and most people have never really seen them.

LUKAMeet the “LUKA” Bamboo Double Pick with Adjustable Ball! How is this cute bamboo skewer so different from the other ones? It’s all about the adjustable ball. Not only it is a double pick that can allow you to have two the amount of food you can have on regular skewers but the adjustable ball also helps you to secure you food; move the ball down to close the two picks together and prevent your food to fall off!

And another great think about this skewer is that it is available in two colors. Chose the “LUKA” Pick with Natural Adjustable Ball or the “LUKA” Pick with Red Adjustable Ball and turn your event a colorful and fun moment!

Plus, the “LUKA” double prong is made of natural and Eco-friendly bamboo and their new design will catch your guests’ attention!

See, you can always find new ways to be more original than your competition while providing functionality to your guests and clients!

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Creative Ideas For Serving Food

As you already know, being original and different from competitors can make the difference. We are aware of that and that is why we keep on offering you many options to add a special touch to your concept.

210BBOIS-ambianceLooking for appetizer service dishes? Go Eco-friendly and try out the great biodegradable appetizers boats that come in two different materials, bamboo and pine wood.

The bamboo leaf is slightly more exotic in presentation, allowing the plating to stand out, while the pine has a sleeker, more modern look that emphasizes the food itself.

Both of these disposable and decorative boat-shaped dishes materials are naturally grease resistant and work with both cold and hot food which makes these single-serving leaf baskets multi-purpose. As they come in many different sizes, they can either be used to serve condiments and garnish at your catering event or simply be used as a food display and serving dish.

With their elegant and functional design, the Bamboo boats and wooden boats definitely make an impression on guests and clients and you can be sure that you are going to be asked about them! 100% biodegradable, they are a great and economical Eco-friendly disposable solution.

209BBPANR-ambianceAnd if you feel like adding even more originality to these beautiful appetizers dishes, we also got you covered. Always a big success at any type of event, the adorable bamboo mini clothespins can be displayed on the table, used to hold little signs on your boat-shaped dishes or just used as decorative items on those same boats! They are also 100% biodegradable so don’t be shy and use your imagination to come up with creative ways to use them!

There are many ways to be original and the choice of the right materials and tableware is definitely the easiest and better way to do so.

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