Throw An Eco-Friendly Labor Day Party

It’s finally Labor Day weekend and it’s time to enjoy one extra day of relaxation! When the holiday began in the 80’s, it was as a way to honor workers for all of their hard work and efforts. And this is exactly why it is the perfect occasion to have a chill, and relaxing time by the pool with your friends and family, or in an outdoor area, if the weather allows it. What would be better than a barbecue?

Having friends over however means being organized, provide them with good food and drinks and keep them entertained. An don’t forget that Going green for your Labor Day barbecue can help you save money, and can also make your life easier when it comes to cleaning the next day.

So here are a couple of advice on how to make your Labor Day Party greener.

First of all, think about the environment when you make your invites and prefer texts and emails to paper invitations. You can always use recyclable and biodegradable paper but electronic invites are always the greener choice.

If you decide to have a barbecue – and let’s be real, they are always so much fun! – pay attention to your choice of charcoal and choose natural or Eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council certified charcoal (you can see the FSC logo on the bag). FSC certified charcoal reduces greenhouse gases and makes sure that no unhealthy additives are released into the air or onto your food.


What about tableware? We all know you don’t want to bother with reusable and breakable dishes but when you choose your disposable tableware make sure you pick Eco-Friendly ones! When it comes to drinks, don’t use individual bottles or aluminum cans but serve big pitchers of different drink options.

As far as your barbecue skewers, go for biodegradable bamboo skewers! They look good, they are original and you have so many different options that you have to be able to find the perfect one. From Bamboo Side Twisted Skewers to Bamboo Looped Skewers through Bamboo Double Picks, your skewers will be as fun as environmentally friendly and your guests will love it. And don’t forget to serve local, seasonal and organic food!

cupsTo go with your food skewers, you can also consider serving your appetizers in one of those cute mini cups! Serving small portions encourages conversation instead of focusing on your plate and meal. And your main objective is obviously to keep your guests entertained and make sure they have a great time!

Last but not least, watch your energy consumption and try to stay outside if the weather allows it in order to be able to turn the lights off. It is so much more economical!


Have a great Eco-friendly Labor Day weekend and be safe!


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Original Catering Events Ideas: Sugarcane Cocktail Plate with Glass Holder

Whether you are in the catering business or simply hosting a party or a reception, you are always looking for new ideas and inspirations so as to make a good impression on your guests. Being unique and original while extremely functional and elegant isn’t always an easy task and all new ideas are always welcome.

210APU2413-ambianceAnd if you are looking for a unique and sophisticated item for your events, search no further and take a look at our awesome Sugarcane Cocktail Plate! Great for serving hors d’oeuvre and drink in one, our cocktail plates with glass holder are absolutely perfect for any type of reception, buffet party or event.

Very unique, they will solve the problem of where to put a glass when holding a food plate that everyone encounters at parties. Convenient and clever, our plate have holes for the stem of a wine or champagne glass and make your guests’ life so much more convenient.


Although disposable, our plates are made of sugarcane, that is a material coming from the natural residue of the Sugarcane harvest, and are therefore 100% biodegradable and compostable which makes them the perfect eco-friendly disposable solution. Microwave safe and grease resistant, sugarcane plates are suitable for every occasion and they look so beautiful that you will almost be disappointed you have to throw them away after your event!

plastic-glassIdeal for appetizers, entrees or food bites commonly served at receptions, the sugarcane cocktail plate provides an incredibly aesthetic presentation and will definitely please and charm everyone around.

They can be used with either our Plastic Stemmed Champagne Glass or with our Plastic Stemmed Wine Glass.

Very elegant and 100% recyclable, our cocktail glasses are the perfect addition to these useful plates!

Don’t wait any longer to be original and give your guests the combination what they need and the have been waiting for!

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