Eco-Friendly Food Service Retailer PacknWood to Exhibit at IBIE

PacknWood is pleased to participate in this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

IBIE Conference 2019

PacknWood is one of the 1,000+ vendors to be featured in the IBIE Expo Hall in Booth #745. Anyone interested in learning more about PacknWood’s product catalog of eco-friendly single use bakery products, including bakeware, macaron boxes, bakery bags, and more can stop by the booth to see some of the products in person and to talk to a team member.

According to Adam Merran, Chief Executive Officer at PacknWood USA, “There’s been a huge shift in what customers want from food service retailers. It isn’t enough to sell delicious baked goods or treats. Customers are concerned about the environment and how much waste they create. Selling bakery products in eco-friendly single use containers that look great is possible for businesses of all sizes. Our products make it easy to make the switch.”

At IBIE, PacknWood will feature two new items created based on demand: Pillow Packs with Windows and Bakeable Black Kray Boxes with Lids. Pillow Packs with Windows make pressed sandwiches, cookies, and small bread loaves look even more appetizing, with large windows on the recyclable cardboard container. It even works for hot food and is available in a variety of sizes.

Bakeable Black Kray Boxes are ideal for packaging cakes, hot meals, cobblers, and more. The base of the paper box can be baked up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. The windowed lid gives customers an idea of what tasty treat they’re buying. The eco-friendly single use product is also convenient, as bakers won’t need a separate container to bake and to package the finished product.

IBIE is the world’s largest grain-based food industry event in the United States. It is also known as the Baking Expo. It provides an opportunity for those in wholesale baking, retail baking, artisan baking, tortilla production, snack foods, pizza making, and more to network, learn, and grow with other companies and suppliers. This includes many scheduled demonstrations, networking events, and conference sessions. The Expo Hall is open to attendees over the course of the event.

The event takes place from Sunday, September 8th to Wednesday, September 11th, with some educational programming taking place on Saturday, September 7th. Tickets are still available for both members and non-members, including on the day of the event. 

For more information about IBIE, check out the event website at:

About PacknWood

PacknWood USA is a leader in eco-friendly reusable and single use food service products. Located in New York City, PacknWood is the American and British brand of First Pack, a French company with more than 35 years selling safe, value-forward, and environmentally friendly products. The company utilizes a strong international supply network to source high quality, eco-friendly, and fashionable tableware, bakery packaging, and restaurant staples to bakeries, supermarkets, catering companies, restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels. To learn more about PacknWood products, call (201) 604-3840, go to, or make an appointment to visit the showroom located at 213 W 35th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

How to Reduce Your Restaurant’s Packaging Waste for Takeout

bento box

Takeout orders can easily be the most wasteful part of your operations. That’s because the containers that you use are not reusable, so they are prone to waste. You can reduce the amount of waste you create from takeout orders by taking a few simple steps. Here is how to reduce your restaurant’s packaging waste for takeout. 

Choose the Correct Container

Serving Tray

One of the best ways to reduce packaging waste is to choose the correct container. Containers that do not fit the dimensions and portion sizes for your takeout orders run the risk of creating unused space. In many cases, you’re likely using a container that is too big for what you are selling. 

You can reduce the amount of waste in your packaging by choosing multi-compartment containers. For example, a container that has a compartment for each part of the meal combines the meal into one container, eliminating the need for multiple containers per order. Bento boxes are a good way to do this since they are both practical and stylish. 

Compostable Products

Drink Cups

Takeout containers are thrown away when they are done being used. Plastic containers can sit in a landfill for decades waiting to decompose. If you want to reduce your packaging waste, then choose compostable products. Products made out of natural materials are good options for this. Bamboo is a durable option that makes rigid and reliable serving containers. Sugarcane is also a favorite choice since it has a smooth finish and a unique look to it. Both materials are compostable and breakdown quickly in landfills. 

Recyclable Products

Wood Serving Tray

While some products are not compostable, they can be recyclable. Recycling can help reduce waste that goes to a landfill significantly. If you combine recyclable materials with compostable materials, you can reduce most of your restaurant’s waste. 

Allow Customers to Bring in Own Containers

Covered Serving Trey

While this may not always be possible, you could try to allow customers to bring in their own containers. Many customers who are concerned about reducing waste and helping the environment buy reusable containers to use at home. If you let them bring in those containers, then you can avoid using your containers entirely. Health codes come into question when determining if you can do this in your restaurant. However, if you can keep personal containers away from your kitchen or cooking area, then you should not have a problem using customers’ containers. 

Reusable Cutlery

Wood Utensils

Another way of reducing waste is to offer reusable cutlery kits. Many restaurants offer disposable cutlery options that customers can take with their food. This leads to a lot of waste since they are single-use items. Instead, offer reusable cutlery kits that customers can buy and keep at home. That way, there is no need for disposable cutlery anymore. 

PacknWood has a selection of food containers that are eco-friendly and help you organize takeout dishes effectively. To learn more about our line of green food packaging, email us at to request a catalog.