Round Containers for Dine-In or Takeout

SKU: 210PCPLA750

Your restaurant can minimize its packaging costs by finding options that work for both dine-in or takeout orders. With one option across all of your service options, customers get the same quality packaging regardless of how they eat. It is an effective way of making your service consistent while managing costs. PacknWood has a new option, the Round Bamboo Fiber “Buckaty” Salad Box, that can be your go-to choice for dine-in and takeout orders. 

Entree and Side Salads

The Round Bamboo Fiber “Buckaty” Salad Box excels as a salad box. It comes in a 24oz, 32oz, and 50oz size so that you can fit large entree salads or smaller side salads in it. This versatility helps reduce the need for multiple designs and packaging purchases. You can use different sizes for different items in the same meal, which helps create a consistent design element across your customer service designs. 


While the Buckaty containers are designed for salads, they also work well with sides. They are made from an eco-friendly paper that can withstand cold temperatures. Any cold food option that you have can go into this container and into the fridge when customers have had enough. In your kitchen, you can use the different sizes to standardize the portion sizes for each side. That way, your customers will feel that the portions are consistent for each consecutive trip, and your kitchen staff can prevent food waste by not overfilling containers. 

Add a Lid for Takeout Packaging

Buckaty containers are a good choice for takeout and delivery orders as well. There are several lids that will fit giving you a choice between a flat lid and a slightly dome-shaped lid to make everything fit. The lids are made of eco-friendly PLA plastic. PLA is made from renewable resources that also make it biodegradable. When disposed of, the Buckaty containers and the lids will break down naturally without hurting the environment.

Ice Cream Containers

Another use for PacknWood’s compostable buckets and lids is as ice cream or frozen yogurt containers. These containers are durable and you can use them for cold foods. With multiple sizes available, you can give your customers different size options. This helps prevent food waste and packaging waste by using a one-size-fits-all system that consistently provides containers that are too big. 

Greasy Foods

PacknWood has several containers that are grease-resistant. If you serve greasy food, then having greaseproof containers ensures that you can deliver food without the packaging falling apart before it gets there. Your customers will appreciate the high-quality containers more when they get their food without problems. 

Environmentally-friendly restaurant supplies offer better quality than traditional supplies while attracting the growing eco-conscious customer segment. Your restaurant can make the switch to PacknWood’s compostable buckets and lids easily just by integrating PacknWood’s supplies into your daily operations. We have staff members standing by to help you place an order for new containers or any other eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you need. Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3840 to get new eco-friendly, single-use restaurant supplies. 

Changing Sauce Cups Can Help the Environment


Sauces are served with most meals to add flavor and spice in a way that your customers can control. They like having the ability to customize their meals with different sauces. However, the little plastic cups that most restaurants use can hurt the environment. They may be small, but companies use them in very high-quantities, to the order of 1-4 per meal. This adds up to a big problem when they are disposed of. 

Your restaurant can be different by offering customers the same variety in sauce options and customization, but with a sauce container that is better for the environment. PacknWood’s Brown Sugarcane Souffle – Portion Cup is the key to improving your impact on the environment. 

Brown Sugarcane and the Environment

PacknWood’s Brown Sugarcane Souffle – Portion Cup is better for the environment than the traditional cups that most company’s use because they are made out of brown sugarcane. Sugarcane is used to produce sugar, which leaves behind the pulp from the plant after the sugar is extracted. By forming this pulp into sauce cups, restaurants have an alternative to plastic that is both biodegradable and compostable. When disposed of, it can be industrially composted to make fertilizer for farming or dissolved in a landfill without leaving behind harmful chemicals or residue. 

Quality Features

These sugarcane cups offer many of the quality features as plastic cups, and several extra benefits. These cups have a textured outer surface, which makes it easier to pick up. The sugarcane provides some insulation, so cold sauces won’t form condensation on the outside of the cup and make them harder to hold onto. Sugarcane cups are sturdy, and won’t breakdown when filled. Plus, there is a lid available making these cups an option for takeout and delivery orders. 

2 Ounces of Sauce

One of the benefits of this sauce container is that it can hold a large amount of sauce. It holds up to 2 oz of sauce. That is more than enough for most orders making this cup an effective choice for nearly any order. Despite its holding capacity, this cup maintains a small form factor. At 2.1-inches in diameter, it won’t take up a lot of space in takeout containers or bags, and you won’t lose money on wasted sauce. 

Why Brown Sugarcane?

Choosing brown sugarcane for these 2oz Brown Sugarcane Souffle – Portion Cups makes an impression on customers. Brown sugarcane is in its most natural form. No additional modifications or chemicals were needed to change the color. That means that you are getting sauce containers that won’t leach chemicals into customers’ food, which can be a problem when traditional containers are hot or wet.  The brown textured finish also has a more natural, healthier look to it. Some customers will appreciate this and your restaurant for taking the additional steps needed to offer eco-friendly restaurant supplies with delicious meals. 

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies Can Attract Customers

There is a segment of customers that support eco-friendly restaurants and suppliers almost exclusively as a way of improving their own impact on the environment. You can be a part of this movement by switching to eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3863 for assistance ordering Brown Sugarcane Souffle – Portion Cups and other eco-friendly restaurant supplies.