PacknWood Eco-Friendly Bamboo Light Cutlery & Bamboo Stirrer

Bamboo is a versatile renewable resource that can be transformed into a thousand products, from utensils, plates, cooking products, oral hygiene, skin care products, home furniture, etc. It grows so fast with an estimate of 35 inches per year compared to other wood trees. Also, it is very durable even though it is lightweight. This is another inspiration of PacknWood for its new innovative products – Bamboo Light Cutlery. The collection consists of a spoon, fork, knife, and stirrer. The cutlery is great for restaurant dine-in, takeout, delivery, and catering services. They are also perfect for home and office use as well as for picnics.

Aesthetic Appearance 

The natural color and the smooth wood finish give this cutlery an aesthetic appeal. They are simple but stylish choices suitable for wedding utensils, your kids’ birthday party disposables, and other formal gatherings.

210CVBJN1 and 210CVBJN3


Naturally, bamboo thrives on their own, so there is no need to put pesticides and chemicals for them to grow faster. An interesting fact is that bamboo fallen leaves act as fertilizers when they decompose. This natural process makes the bamboo an organic choice for PacknWood cutlery.  


If you are on a tight budget, this Bamboo Light Cutlery is an excellent option because they are very affordable. The more you buy in bulk, the more savings you will have. The abundance of bamboo makes it cheaper, considering they are easier to grow and replenish without spending money on pesticides.

Hygienic, Heat & Water Resistant

Bamboo material is heat and water-resistant. The cutlery is okay to use for steamy rice or hot noodle soup, while the bamboo stirrer works well on hot coffee. In addition, bamboo fiber has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it a more hygienic choice for utensils and even beauty and skincare products.

210BBSPAT11 and 210BBSPAT14 

Eco-Friendly Solutions 

Food businesses like food trucks, restaurants, and the like supporting and using green products definitely contribute to cutting down plastic waste in landfills. This Bamboo Light Cutlery and Stirrer, in particular, is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials that are safe for the environment. Moreover, they were processed using C02 Neutral manufacturing making it more eco-friendly because this method lowers the carbon footprint.

Switch to PacknWood now for your eco-friendly solutions. Call (201) 604-3840 to order your supply of Bamboo Light Cutlery and Stirrers or visit our website for chat support assistance. 

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