Packaging Food for eCommerce Food Orders

The popularity of online ordering systems for delivery services has made it a lot easier for customers to find and order their favorite foods. If your restaurant is a delivery service, they should take advantage of eCommerce food ordering systems to expand your reach and provide quality services to more customers. However, you will need to have the right packaging to ensure that your delivery services provide a high-quality customer experience. Here’s a look at packaging food for eCommerce food orders.

Hot Food Containers


Hot food containers can be tricky for delivery services. You need to find a container that is heat-resistant and comes with a high-quality lid that will stay perfectly sealed. PacknWood has many hot food container options to choose from, including the new Buckaty line of hot food containers. These containers are made out of Kraft paper, which is hot- and cold-resistant. It’s thick walls also make it sturdy. The PET lid forms a tight seal making it a great choice for soup, too.

Kraft Containers


The container that you put your entrée in makes as much of the statement as the entrée itself. That is why you pick the container that is the best fit in terms of functionality and style. PacknWood’s eco-friendly Kraft takeout containers give you many options to choose from. The Bakeable Black Kray Box with Lid comes in a variety of sizes and has a distinct black finish that is a popular choice among upscale restaurants. It also has a windowed lid so that you can focus attention on the presentation of your food while making a statement with an elegant black box.

Bento Boxes


Bento boxes are centuries old, but they’re making a comeback in modern restaurants. While you won’t want to send out reusable bento boxes with delivery orders, you can take advantage of the disposable bento boxes that PacknWood has available. Our Carton Lunch Box for “Lunch Box Sets” has plenty of space for different compartments for different food items. That way, you can give your customers a mix of food items while keeping them all separate. PacknWood also has a collection of inserts that you can use to customize the setup of each bento box.

Elegant Packaging


If your restaurant or catering service hosts formal or upscale events, then you likely use traditional white dishes. You can extend this to your delivery services and takeout services as well by incorporating sugarcane containers into your restaurant supplies. Sugarcane has a soft white finish and closely resembles traditional white dishes. Combined with high-quality eco-friendly plastic lids, your customers will have elegant containers to take food home with them. Adding these to your delivery services can help elevate the experience and make a big impression on your customers.

Change Your Delivery Packaging

There are many options that you can choose from for eCommerce food orders. The key is finding the right packaging that fits with your restaurant’s style and provides the quality and functionality that you need. PacknWood can help you find the right delivery packaging that also is designed to be eco-friendly. Just give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service for help finding the right packaging for your restaurant.

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