Original Presentation Accessories: Picks and Skewers

Adding originality and fun to receptions and catering events isn’t always that easy. It is sometimes important to look professional while casual and you don’t always know where the line not to cross is.

Here’s a great idea to add a special touch without risking to damage your upscale image: our picks and skewers.


Bamboo Skewers and Bamboo Picks can be the perfect presentation accessory! Our wide range of skewers, the widest on the market, can be a real source of inspiration for presenting your culinary creations. Whether you want colored ones, design ones, elegant ones, you can find skewers that will perfectly meet your needs! Made of bamboo, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable and contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree, it is a grass and it is stronger than oak! So our skewers are sturdy but no tree has been cut! As Eco-friendly as it gets.

Perfect for cocktail parties, our elegant and unique party picks bring color to any event. Great for appetizers, creative meals and food sampling, they can also be used to hold sandwich wedge together.

210SAMBRO120-ambianceNot only you have a wide array of skewer choice, but they also all fit on our wonderful skewer holders! These unique displays enable amazing hors d’oeuvres presentation, compatible with the many Packnwood pick varieties. Served on our beautiful displays, colorful cubes of cheese, bright fresh fruit or small, hot finger foods have never looked more refined or delicious. Ideal for buffet presentations, upscale events & cocktails, our natural eco-friendly material made pick holders are great for passing Hors d’oeuvres.

209BBRUMPYWELLIn a different category, you can also check out our Steak Markers! Perfect to point out how well your meat is cooked, these bull emblazoned steak markers and small food signs are the ideal eco-friendly accompaniment to any meal allowing for clarity in food service, the inclusion of a unique message.

Your guests and customers will love them and so will you!

Check out all of our other Eco-friendly products on www.packnwood.com.

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