Original Eco-friendly Skewers: The Thani Mini Dish Skewer


If you think all skewers are the same and that you have seen everything, meet our Thani skewer!

Made of natural bamboo, this unique skewer with a mini bamboo dish is an excellent accent to any event serving hors d’oeuvres and/or mini appetizers. Perfect as a standing skewer that can hold your mini appetizers, they can also be used as a standing mini plate and they are great for upscale catering events, or an elegant dinner party.

Look at this standing mini plate, you can display food samples, ice cream, honey or other sauces… Your imagination is the only limit for this very original and functional skewer!

Place your canapes on top of the skewer and let your guests be surprised and impressed because they have never seen such a thing. Suitable for hot and cold food samples, our disposable bamboo skewers are completely biodegradable and very Eco-friendly!

Their originality will definitely turn your party into a fun and innovative event and you can be sure your guests will appreciate and remember it!

210SAMBRO120-2-bis-packnwoodAnd the best part is that they can be displayed with the elegant reusable Bamboo Skewer holder and turn your event into the event that can’t be missed!

These unique pick displays enable beautiful hors d’oeuvres presentation. Served on our beautiful displays, colorful cubes of cheese, bright fresh fruit or small, hot finger foods have never looked more refined or delicious.

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