Original Cookie Packaging Solutions

Whether it is from family, friends, or even co-workers, nothing warms the heart like a box of cookies! Delicious and sweet, it makes everyone happy and is very popular.

Homemade or bought somewhere, the more beautiful it looks the happier you will make people.

If you are selling cookies, keep that in mind: customers have no idea how delicious yours will be, but a creative and beautiful packaging will make them imagine how delightful cookies are and will help them to make the final purchase decision.

It is all about presentation and – especially if it is a gift – you want your little presents to look as good as they will taste. If you are looking for some packaging ideas, don’t look any further!

cookiesThe first thing you have to keep in mind is that it is important for your cookie boxes to have a see through window or a clear lid: that is what will make people’s imagination work best! Closing boxes are the best option as it help to keep cookies fresh and intact. Whether you are looking for sturdy wooden boxes or lighter paper boxes, you have many opportunities to enhance your tasty treats. 100% biodegradable, both options are grease resistant, ideal for hot and cold cookies, and most of all look very natural! Everyone will love them!

Remember to pack crisp and soft cookies in separate boxes to make sure the soft cookies don’t seep into the crisp ones and make them loose their crush.

cookies2Now you may think that boxes are too generic and if you are looking for an even more original packaging solution take a look at these pretty baking molds with their heart shaped corners. Rustic and natural, they look adorable and will stay fresh when wrapped just like they would in a box!

Let your imagination go wild!

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