New Sugarcane Disposable Plates, Bowls, and Trays

Sugarcane Serving Bowls
Bowls, plates, trays, fiber

With the recent growth of sustainable development more and more people are trying to act eco-friendly as often as possible, and it’s a good thing! But sometimes you have to organize catering events or plan a party and it’s not always simple to figure out a way to stay “green” when using disposable tableware for a large amount of people.

Starting off with the new sugarcane range of products by PacknWood, it is now easy!

Are you organizing a wedding or a bridal shower and looking for unique and elegant disposables? Are you trying to plan a sustainable but fancy cocktail or buffet? The compostable sugarcane plates and sugarcane trays with their neat design will help you to respect the environment in a trendy way.


Sugarcane fiber is used to create this unique and disposable food packaging. Sugarcane products are not only biodegradable and compostable but also microwaveable which makes any party or upscale event easy to organize and manage.


Whether you are looking for sugarcane mini dishes, sugar cane plates or bowls PacknWood’s sugarcane tableware is the perfect eco-friendly option.

Stylish sugarcane tableware is the new eco-friendly upscale alternative!

Not only it is great for the environment, but its originality adds a special touch to your event and you can be sure your guests will remember!

PacknWood’s sugarcane tableware is a cost effective elegant solution for any event.

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