New Brown Wrap Box with PLA Window Eco-friendly Features

While PacknWood provides different square windowed containers suitable for a restaurant packed lunch or bakery cakes and pie, the new Brown Wrap Box with PLA Window offers new eco-friendly and profitable features that are not harmful to the environment.  


Cardboard Box 

Cardboard is a sturdy material and an inexpensive alternative to plastic or styrofoam. It can hold both hot and cold foods and is safe to go in the microwave if there is no plastic attached to it. This cardboard is made from fibers of trees that are systematically grown to be eco-friendly.

PLA Window

Restaurants and bakeries love to showcase their creative creations. A window design incorporated in a cardboard box suffices this kind of demand. That is why a transparent material like plastic is needed to complete this idea, so PacknWood created products with an eco-friendly PLA window. PLA is a bioplastic or an eco-friendly plastic made from plant-based materials such as corn or sugarcane starch. Just like cardboard, PLA is very safe for food packaging. 

In addition, the window of this box is not just for the top view, but you can also display beautiful and colorful baking cups like Newspaper Print Tulip Cups or Golden Brown Lotus Baking Cups. The clear window extends up to the front panel making a visible picture of what is inside, from the decorative toppings to the gorgeous baking cups. The best part is PLA is compostable with the right composting method.

Printed Eco-friendly Terminologies

PacknWood’s new Brown Wrap Box with PLA Window has printed eco-friendly terminologies: biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable to promote awareness and to guide businesses and their customers on how to manage the used containers. This will also be a good marketing strategy as customers will appreciate food establishments using green products that are not harmful to the environment. 

Small Servings Option 

Small servings option for takeout using this Brown Wrap Box with PLA window is a smart selling tactic either for restaurants and bakeries. People who live alone, or those limiting their sugar intake, along with kids or even adults with a small appetite, can purchase one or two cupcakes, donuts, or samples of square cake slices without buying the whole one.

Eco-friendly Grab and Go Containers

PacknWood continues to provide Grab and Go containers in various sizes, particularly cardboard boxes with eco-friendly plastic, to give a wide selection to restaurants and bakeries’ takeout and delivery food service supplies. 

For more information about Brown Wrap Box with PLA Window, visit or call (201) 604-3840 for order assistance. 

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