New All Black Disposable Tableware Collection

When it comes to disposable mini dishes and utensils for catering events, parties or receptions, the choice is wide and it can be sometimes confusing if you are trying to get matching items!

209BBMAHAL-blogTake a look at our All Black Collection. Matching all your items has never been so easy! Unique and classy, All Black Collection features skewers, dishes, and pick displays that will make any occasion feel like a black tie event, it is the little black dress of disposable tableware. Perfect to help food color pop, the black mini dishes are perfect to match the bamboo mini plates or the black bamboo cutlery items.

If you are looking for something for those foods you would like to keep warm, the black mini casserole – with matching lid – is perfect for desserts and appetizers and will add this special touch of elegance to any occasion.

209BBSIMA-blogWhat about skewers? Don’t worry! There is a whole selection of beautiful black skewers with different shapes and sizes and you can be sure you will find the perfect one regardless of the event you are hosting.

100% natural, the black bamboo skewers are fun and sophisticated and used with the beautiful black bamboo pick holder they are the perfect way to display food and appetizers.

209BBTIKON9-CHALK-blogLast but not least, if you are looking for a fun and creative way to label your food items, don’t look any further! Our mini skewer slates are for creative designs and can be used on both sides of the skewer with chalk marker of any color.

It has never been so easy to find matching items to serve your food in a beautiful way.

Go to to check out all of our beautiful and eco-friendly disposable products!

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