Mini Cups Holders: Great Way To Serve Appetizers

No matter what kind of catering event you are organizing, the use of mini cups – whether it is for desserts, parfaits, appetizers or even tapas – is a must! Not only they are great to serve many different kind of food, but they are also very easy to eat and guests love them. Classy and elegant when they are black or white, original and great for food visibility when they are transparent, the many options available will make you and everybody around happy and excited about tasting all of them. My personal favorite is the transparent green mini cup! A bit more original than a simple clear mini cup thanks to its green color but still very classic and modern its outstanding clarity help food identification and make all appetizers look amazingly delicious. All of these mini cups – regarding the color – are great as they are freezer safe, obviously leak proof and most importantly 100% recyclable. Yes, it is important to be Eco-friendly, especially nowadays. mini-cups Now you might be thinking, all these mini cups are great but isn’t it going to be complicated to transport? The answer is no and here are 3 reasons why they are very convenient to transport everywhere and anywhere:


  1. First of all, most of them can be used with a lid. You don’t have to worry about your delicious appetizers to overflow anymore! The lid will secure everything and make it safe for you to transport your mini cups.
  2. The second great new is that you can also get mini cup holders and be able to serve plenty of those mini cups at the same time in an elegant and secure way! Great to transport from 4 mini cups up to 24 mini cups, the mini-holder tray is a worry-free way to transport all delicate creations from the kitchen to wherever you event is. Combine with the lids, there is no way anything can go wrong.
  3. Last but not least, you can also get a perfect-fit box with window cover for the mini-cup holders and transport them in a beautiful and practical way. Unique take-out solution, you can’t be disappointed!

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