Magnificent Macaroon Packaging

If a couple of years ago everyone was wondering if French macaroons would be the new cupcakes, it is not to prove anymore. Over the years, macaroons have been taking over famous bakeries, birthday parties and other receptions and even though cupcakes will always hold a special place in Americans’ heart, you can tell that making macaroons is a trend that keeps on trending.

ambiance-macaronsWhat’s so special about those mini French sandwiches cookies? First of all, just like cupcakes they come in many colors and are very eye catching. Their tiny size makes them really easy to eat and if you are suddenly craving one you can always go to a bakery and buy a single one instead of buying a whole box. Not to mention that when cupcakes are pretty easy to bake and anyone can get to it, macaroons are trickier to make and therefore more intriguing and very appealing to a lot of people.

With traditional flavor such as vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and pistachio, macaroons also come in many original flavors. The best example would be the bacon flavored macaroons because you know, in America everything comes in bacon flavor!

Macaroons are however very fragile – you know what I mean if you are in the macaroon business – which means it is very important to have an adapted packaging that will allow you to elegantly transport them or sell them while making sure they are safe. Having a non-adapted packaging means taking the risk to look unprofessional and it is definitely not a risk you are willing to take.

Macaroon packaging come into a variety of shapes, designs and materials and if you are willing to take a step towards sustainability you also have the option to go for Eco-friendly packaging which always very appreciated among your customers.


From Wooden boxes to paper boxes, macaroon boxes can be found in different shapes. Square boxes, rectangular boxes, cylindrical boxes, round boxes… Just name it! With fresh and bright colors or with a more natural look, you can find packaging to fit up to 52 macaroons.

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