Importance of Eco-Friendly Takeout Packaging During COVID-19

There are several benefits of using green packaging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people turn to takeout and delivery services as a way of helping to support local businesses and to socially distance away from restaurants, there is an increased demand and waste stream associated with single-use packaging.

As single use food service products will continue to have a central role in the foreseeable future,  making a commitment to sustainability is even more important now to reduce each operator’s environmental impact. There is so much wasteful single-service packaging being used during this time. Here are some other reasons to prioritize eco-friendly takeout packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Protect Environmental and Human Health


The importance of green packaging is that it not only saves money but also protects the environment by reducing the consumption of chemicals that are toxic to the environment and are considered carcinogenic. Therefore the use of green packaging should be promoted to promote a healthy society. During a health crisis, where the focus is on health, using greener food packaging that’s chemical-free is a win-win. For simple, safe, and eco-friendly options, consider the Brown Kraft Soup Cup.

Select Between a Large Variety of Options

Eco-friendly packaging is a priority, which has led to the development of many new single-use options with less impact on the environment. For instance, there are so many new things in the market that are now biodegradable. Also, some of the materials used for packaging are reusable, which is good for the environment and can be reused again. Therefore it does not contribute towards the depletion of resources like energy, water, etc.

Save on Energy and Carbon Emissions

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Another important benefit of eco-friendly packaging is that it reduces energy consumption. The energy used to manufacture packaging can sometimes double the price of the product. Therefore, it makes sense to use packaging that is not only energy-efficient, but also recyclable. Eco-friendly packaging helps restaurants reduce their energy consumption and make the environment a cleaner place for the future. This benefit can help the environment by helping the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions which are major contributors to climate change. Further, eco-friendly packaging helps save water resources by reducing wastage of packaging material. For instance, These Buckaty Round Green To Go Containers are made with CO2 Neutral Packaging.

Worry Less About Waste from Single-Use Products

Restaurant takeout and delivery services have become an important lifeline for food services businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, especially during periods of government-mandated stay at home orders. More than ever before, it’s imperative that restaurants use single-use products. However, many customers have concerns about how wasteful singe-use food service packaging is, so opting for eco-friendly alternatives will enable them to worry less.

It might be time to invest in eco-friendly packaging now while the demand for takeout and delivery services are at an all time high. If you haven’t already run out of conventional food packaging, you will still use it up and need to order more. Why not make the switch to eco-friendly alternatives? Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3863 to order environmentally-friendly restaurant supplies for your services. 

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