Hygienic Anji Bamboo Cutlery Kit

Sustainability is one of the most significant features of the PacknWood Anji Bamboo Cutlery Kit. It is made of fast-growing plants that can be harvested multiple times a year without having an environmental impact. They can be re-used and recycled, but once it reaches its lifespan, they can be composted. Here is a quick look at these cutlery amazing features and why you should include them on your foodservice supplies. 


Bamboo has a natural antimicrobial agent called Bamboo Kun. With these antibacterial properties, the bamboo is naturally resistant to fungi and pest infestation. These tree-like grass can thrive without using harmful chemicals and pesticides, making them safe to use as food utensils. They are definitely 100% natural.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination may occur in food preparation and sometimes in utensils and equipment that are not adequately washed or handled by dirty hands. We, at PacknWood, consider restaurant scenarios like this to improve our products. Choosing bamboo, which is organic, is a first step for the health feature. Adding Kraft wrap to prevent cross-contamination is an extra measure for sanitary purposes.  From the manufacturing up to the restaurants to the customers,  there will be no utensils’ exposure because they are secured in the Kraft wrap.

Expediting Food Business Operation

PacknWood, new bamboo cutleries are available in two set options: 3-in-1 (fork, spoon, knife) and 4-in-1 (fork, spoon, knife, napkin). Both are excellent choices, and these cutleries can help speed up food operations, particularly in takeout and delivery, as well as in catering services.

The kitchen staff will just need to drop the cutlery kit on the paper bags together with other food containers, and the takeout order or delivery is ready to go. The same process goes for catering services.  Employees will include the cutlery kit on catering trays for lunch packages or can distribute them easily for weddings and other events. There is no need to combine each cutlery and wrap it in a napkin because these Anji Bamboo Cutleries Kits are already complete.

Shifting to Eco-friendly Cutlery Kit

Keeping the environment clean should be a concerted effort. Restaurant, food trucks, and other food businesses shifting to Anji Bamboo Cutlery Kits that are biodegradable and hygienic will help cut down plastic waste.

PacknWood, as a supplier that is dedicated to the environment, provides eco-friendly utensil products that are your greenest alternative to regular plastic. They are sophisticated, sturdy enough to be used for hot and cold foods, and economical. Great for green events and other catered parties. 

To get your stock of Anji Bamboo Cutlery Kit, call (201) 604-3840 or use our chat support services at PacknWood’s website.

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