How to Serve Party Foods using Wheat Bamboo Skewers

Food is essential to any parties and presenting them is important as how they taste. However, foods need to be appropriate to the event, bringing entertainment and a memorable experience to every guest. Depending also on the type of gathering, you need to have the right party solution. Cocktail parties and other formal events, which need more mobility, often serve finger foods so guests can use their hands to eat, but some food residue or grease may be left in the fingers. That is why skewers are the best option to offer bite-sized foods.

Skewers are versatile food service supplies that are also economical. They are also suitable for a huge crowd because you can serve multiple individual portions of food without taking much space on the table. With a creative mind, you can make any appetizers, desserts, and even entrees look fabulous and fancy if you are using PacknWood Wheat Bamboo Skewers. They are 5.9 inches long, which can handle a decent portion of either hot or cold foods. 

Here are some tips on how to serve party foods using Wheat Bamboo Skewers that will dazzle your guests.

Appetizers on the Platter

Appetizers set the mood and expectations for the menu. They are usually served in small bites, and with a stunning display, you can entice the eyes and stimulate the appetite. Using PacknWood Wheat Bamboo Skewers adds aesthetic visual to your appetizers.

Serve Caprese or chef salad and mini sandwiches on these skewers and lay them or let them stand upright in these PacknWood Platters and put them on your buffet table. Catered services with butler passing or waiting staff walking around also find food in skewers easy to handle and distribute as guests can easily pick the food.

Dessert Skewers on a Pick Holder

Party is not complete without the desserts. If you want your guests raving about them, try serving mini strawberry shortcake or chocolate-covered fruit desserts using Wheat Bamboo Skewers displayed on a Pick holder. This will showcase all your ingredients with their vibrant colors.

Fresh Fruit Skewers in a Cup

Thread some fresh fruits in Wheat Bamboo Skewers and put them in this Slanted Wood Cup. No need to put rice on the cup to make them stand because the slanted section will support the fruit skewers. You can also try preparing cheese skewers by sliding some cheddar cheese, salami, or any cold cuts into the sticks. This cup filled with food can be a centerpiece on high top cocktail tables or on each dining table as an appetizer or dessert during the holiday season. 

Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

PacknWood Wheat Bamboo Skewers are ideal for restaurant catering services. Using them helps caterers with their food presentation and allows them to save some resources. There will be fewer utensils and plates to clean, and because these skewers are biodegradable, they will not have an impact on the environment. 

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