How To Serve Mise-En-Bouche

When it comes to appetizers and mise-en-bouche, it doesn’t matter where you or your guests are coming from because the concept is pretty international. No matter what we are talking about – whether it is a wedding reception, an upscale event or a party buffet – tables are filled with delicious looking bite-size party foods of all kind.

Why are those tiny appetizers so popular? The answer is pretty simple. Not only is it perfect to serve with drinks — because it allows your guests to walk around with a drink without having to hold a plate at the same time – but the tiny size is also great since just about anything can be served without negatively impacting the rest of the meal. Mise-en-bouche will just whet your guests’ appetite and get them excited about the meal to come.

If you are looking for some mise-en-bouche ideas, take a look at these 101 Bite-Size Party Foods that will amaze and inspire you!

Now the next question is how to serve your little appetizers so as to make sure it looks as good as it tastes and you do have a couple of options.

The first one is to use tasting spoons. Great upscale appetizer dishes, they are great for food sampling and to serve mini appetizers and they can be found in different materials. From recyclable plastic to bamboo, tasting spoons are very convenient for people to try your delicious food bites.


210BCHICDROPIf you would rather go for an entirely compostable option, this drop shaped sugarcane dish is the perfect choice for you! Stylish, fun and elegant, it works great for mise-en-bouche.


209BBCHENGLast but not least, if you are looking for a more natural look, take a look at this beautiful mini round dish. Made of bamboo, the best Eco-friendly material on earth, they make great appetizer dishes and your guests will love them.


If you want more ideas about how to serve your mise-en-bouche, please visit to take a look at all of our Eco-friendly products!

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