How to serve French Fries in a fun way!

Without a doubt, we can say that French fries are one of America’s favorite foods. Whether you are eating them at home or in a restaurant. If your looking for some new ideas for how to present these delicious treats then look no further!

294PAN12-2-packnwoodWith the adorably cute Mini Fryer Baskets, don’t be surprised if all your guests ask you where you got them and how they can get the same ones! Its unique size makes it the life of the party and you’re sure to leave a long lasting impression on everyone. These neat and Mini Fryer Baskets are made of metal, available in different sizes, and reusable!

Another fun and unique idea is to use the Newspaper print greaseproof frying paper you can be sure your guests have never seen anything like it before. If you want to go with a more conventional look there is also a brown greaseproof bag.


Looking for a hand held appetizer plate?

cone-holders-blogThose fancy Mini Fryer Baskets are perfect for buffett’s but if you’re looking for a hand held food plate then look no further! Food cones are great for buffett’s, appetizers, and Hors d’oeuvres. They are available in many sizes and materials such as Bamboo cones, and Wood Cones. They are a fun, unique and compostable!

Also available are Cone displays 

3 hole cone display

5 hole cone display

10 hole cone display

20 hold cone display

36 hole cone display

They are as functional as they are beautiful. As a centerpiece or serving tray for wooden cones, it’s an elegant and eco-friendly way to serve your French Fries, and other appetizers!

Hope this helps inspire your next great French Fries creation! Enjoy!

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