How To Host An Eco-Friendly Cocktail Party

No matter what the purpose is, whether it is for friends reunions, business receptions or even a combination of the two, cocktail parties have been a popular social gathering for years and it is not slowing down.

Because winter is coming doesn’t mean it is the end of cocktail parties and glamorous get-together. On the contrary, it is the perfect occasion to get people together around a couple of cocktails and some delicious food.

In order to host a great Eco-friendly cocktail party you will need two things: great organizational skills are of course essential but it is not the only thing. It is also important to have knowledge on how to be a good host and of course, use the appropriate Eco-friendly products!

Of course you will serve food and drinks but the real question is how to do it and what to serve. The first important thing is to set up a different station for the drinks to make sure the tables aren’t too cluttered. It will allow your guests to easily pick up bottles and put them down again without being in the way of those who just want to grab a little appetizer.



In addition, your guests will wander around between food tables and drinks tables which will make things more harmonious and less boring. You have to keep in mind that you want to keep your guests entertained at all time!

When it comes to tableware, you might not be able to use reusable glasses so save yourself some time and choose disposable glasses as long as they are recyclable such as these nice stemmed glasses made of recyclable plastic.


As far as drinks, make sure you have a great selection of cocktails – it sounds pretty obvious since it is a cocktail party – but you can do better! Especially because it is getting colder, you should think about also offering a selection of hot drinks. Cocktail on the rocks are great but you have the opportunity to surprise your guests by letting the cold weather be your guide and go for comforting hot drinks. If you don’t know any hot cocktails and feel like this is a joke, you can check out this list of hot drinks ideas and open your cocktail parties to a whole new world of beverages! Don’t forget to make sure you offer a few non-alcoholic drinks and virgin cocktails for those who don’t drink alcohol. Be a considerate guest! Last advice when it comes to serving drinks, add some fun to them with some decoration! It makes the party feel more personal and fun and it really is easy to do. Choose cute biodegradable little bamboo skewers to display fruits, olives or other garnishes and be sure that it will make your drinks more memorable and fun for your guests.


When it comes to food, my first advice would be to use mini dishes to serve mini appetizers. Why? Two main reasons. First of all, it allows you to control the portions you serve and will help you save money even though you chose to serve high-priced item such as caviar. Tiny portions are a great way to keep track on how much your guests are eating. Second of all, it is a great opportunity to experiment and try new recipes if you’re serving several different type of mise-en-bouche. Be inventive and try new things!

mini-dishesYou can serve your tiny appetizers in mini tasting spoons, mini cups or mini dishes. Just go with what fits best your needs and everything will fall into place! And the good news is that they are all Eco-friendly in their own way. Recyclable, biodegradable, compostable… Perfect, right?

And last advice – last but not least – add one last Eco friendly touch by setting up different garbage bags in order to separate waste according to the material it is made of. It does make a difference.

Have fun hosting your cocktail party and be safe.
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