How To Host a Fun and Playful Catering Event

When hosting or organizing receptions, parties or any type of catering event, the challenge is always to keep your guests entertained and make sure they are enjoying themselves and having the best time possible. Depending on what kind of event you are hosting, activities will be different but there is one thing all events have in common: food and beverages. Yes, you will more than likely serve your guests food and drinks not matter what the purpose of the reception is and here are some advice to make sure your table presentation is irreproachable and easy to manage.


  1. Be original. Instead of serving food on platters with skewers on the side, use skewers holders for instance! Not only it’s easier for your guests but it also looks so much better on the table. No more boring plate full of cherry tomatoes, have your tomatoes ready on sticks and add whatever you feel like adding!
  2. Don’t forget to be colorful. Not only there are many picks options in plenty of colors to make your table look happy and cheerful but you can also help your guests’ drinks to look better! How so? What about bright and colorful straws? Red or green, they are both beautiful and add a little happiness in beverages. How to resist?
  3. straws-blogpostThink disposable. Choosing disposable tableware will not only prevent anyone from breaking anything but also make your life so much easier. No cleaning, not dealing with anything. It sounds like a whole lot gain of time to me!
  4. Be Eco-friendly. Of course going for disposable option doesn’t mean you can pick anything! Be aware of the impact you have on the environment and always picks Eco-friendly disposable options. All the products mentioned above are 100% Eco-friendly which makes them so great.

Now you are all set to host the most original and beautiful event, make the most out of it!

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