How To Bake Cupcakes: Silicone Eco-Friendly Baking Cups

For all our baking enthusiasts and cupcakes lovers, we are today going to talk about some baking supplies that are essential if you like to bake muffins or cupcakes.

In order to replace butter or oil in baking tins, most people now chose to use baking cups to prevent baked goods to sticking and crumbling into pieces when removed and serve. Not only baking cups make it easier to remove cupcakes or muffins from the pan, but they also help keep them moister and will make the dish washing part much easier! Not to mention that avoiding oil or butter is much healthier.

Bring your baking to the next level by using our fantastic looking biodegradable baking liners. Your cupcakes and muffins will look beautiful in these stylish eco paper baking cups. Made of silicone, our Baking Tulips and Lotus Baking Cups are 100% natural, and certified Kosher.

They are also very easy to use:

  1. Separate baking cups from one another
  2. Place them in an adapted tin or pan without adding fat
  3. Fill 2/3 of each one of them with your batter
  4. Bake
  5. Serve with the liner still attached or chose to easily peel it off before serving


Both of our Lotus Baking Cups and Tulip silicone molds are eco-friendly disposable baking liners and are as functional as they are elegant. Available in different sizes, shapes or colors our silicone baking liners are sure to make anything you bake in them look wonderful!

With their beautiful shape that will enhance any baking creation, these cute cupcake supplies will make your baked goods look as good as they taste!

It’s easy to make cooking and baking easier while being 100% eco-friendly! Plus, these baking cups are easy to store and don’t take space as they stack together.

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