Food Sampling Mini Dish: Gizmo Waved Dish

Looking for a mini dish that is both unique and stylish? Well the wave-shaped green transparent dish called the “Gizmo” might just be what you are looking for.

gizmo-emptyMade of green recyclable plastic, the Gizmo Wave Dish has an elegant wave shaped design and is a fun way to serve “cocktail-sized” items such as sushi, or any single-serving food. Food sampling has never looked so fun and it adds that wave of inspiration to all of your delicious dishes!

The Gizmo is leak proof and grease resistant which makes it perfect for any type of food item such as parfaits, desserts, and appetizers.

Its transparent design with outstanding clarity gives great food visibility and definitely adds that extra sparkle to your table which makes any kind of cocktail party, upscale event or catering event the perfect occasion to use the Gizmo wave dish. You can be sure your guest will love them! Not only will they find them very original and elegant but also extremely functional.

gizmoIt is also freezer safe which is very helpful if you want to prepare your reception in advance and preserve your food cold.

Whether you use the waved part just to hold the mini dish or as a mini plate with some condiment in the little container, the possibilities are endless and your imagination is the only limit.

Add a special touch to your parties with the fun and design Gizmo Waved Dish, and don’t worry about the environment because the recyclable plastic it is made of makes it an Eco-friendly product!

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