Fabulous Eco-friendly Taco Party Supplies and Ideas

Tacos are one of the most popular catering foods that are delicious and inexpensive. Others consider it a complete meal because it has meat, vegetables, cheese, and fruits. PacknWood offers a range of eco-friendly food service supplies, including the new Taco Holder for 8 tacos and Taco Holder for 16 tacos to help you throw a fabulous and eco-friendly taco party. Here is a quick look at why you need to add these products to your restaurant and catering supplies together with the other green party solutions. 

Durable and Reusable 

Caterers and party planners will get more savings if they invest in these products because they are durable, and so they can be reused multiple times at their events. Also, there will be no problem holding the tacos even if they are loaded with fillings. 

Clean Food Preparations

Preparing tacos can be messy, especially if you use the crunchy ones, as they break easily. Using PacknWood taco holders can keep the shells in a more secure and upright position while filling them up with the meat and other toppings, making a clean food preparation manageable.

Feeding a Large Party Crowd

While PacknWood has existing taco holders made of poplar wood, they are for individual servings and are likely suitable for formal gatherings with a small number of guests, which is about 50 people or less. However, the new products that can hold 8 to 16 tacos are ideal for medium to large catered events, though they are suitable for any occasion type, casual, or even a black-tie affair.

Sweet Taco Party and Food Display Ideas

Not just for the taco bar station, but you can use these taco holders on your dessert table. For example, using flour tortillas and apple pie filling, you can serve apple pie tacos for your sweets menu. You can also try a waffle taco by combining fruits like strawberries or bananas, chocolate, and whipping cream. 

While preparation and filling up the tacos made it easy for both crunchy and soft shells using these taco holders, you can also add economical decorations to create a stunning and unique food display. For example, you can thread the top of the soft taco shells with Bamboo BBQ Skewers or any Bamboo Skewers of your choice, or use Assorted Colors Mini Wooden Clothespin to keep the fillings intact when guests pick them up from the holders.

Additional Eco-Friendly Supplies for your Taco Party


A party is not complete without drinks. Whether they are cocktails, smoothies, juices, you need to offer your guests some refreshments. Try some Mexican punch, the classic margarita, or Paloma. You can use the excess skewers you use to close the soft taco shells to decorate your drinks. Thread some lemon or lime slices and olives.

Take a look also at PacknWood’s broad selection of eco-friendly small to large plates to hold your guests’ taco after grabbing them from the holder and the compostable mini dishes like Diamond Shaped Sugarcane Sauce Dish for your salsa and guacamole.

Call (201) 604-3840 to order your Taco Holder for 8 tacos or Taco Holder for 16 tacos, including the other eco-friendly supplies to complete your party. You can also visit PacknWood.com and try our chat support assistance.

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