Excellent Halloween Table Arrangement Ideas

Holidays are amongst the most anticipated days for restaurants and other food establishments because it means making more sales. With that in mind, you should attract more customers by designing a killer arrangement for Halloween not just for kids but also for those kids at heart. 

PacknWood eco-friendly products are versatile that can be used by restaurant and catering services for any special gatherings or holidays like Halloween. Check out these tips for a killer table arrangement designs for Halloween.

Spooky but Elegant Dine-in Table

For the spooky dining table settings, you can start by putting on a plain black tablecloth or using ones with printed Halloween inspired designs. If you choose to use fabric like those with lace spider cobwebs, the inner material should be solid in neutral colors such as white or beige so that it isn’t too busy looking. Next, you have to choose your dinnerware in white colors, and depending on your menu, you can select the soup bowls, salad, and entree plates. You can also choose versatile dishes like the “Bio ‘n’ Chic” – Oval Sugarcane Bowl from PacknWood. They can be used as soup or salad bowls. For the entrees, you can choose between Sugarcane square or round shapes plates. 

Another option if you like it to be colorful is to use tablecloth in orange for the set-up. You can choose between plain solid orange color, black and orange stripes, or apply the lace spider cobwebs with solid orange fabric underneath. For the dinnerware, you can use either the Bamboo Plates Collection or the Palm Leaf Collection.

Limited Edition Halloween Takeout Packaging

Limited edition food packaging is a good short-term marketing strategy that will help create a new hype for your restaurant or bakery’s existing products. Maybe you can create a limited edition cookie or a pumpkin pasta dish. Investing in multi-purpose packaging lets you save more because you can use them on ordinary days, too, unlike Halloween, which is celebrated once every year. 

For example, the Bakeable Black Kray Box With Lid for your baked goods, Black Cardboard Meal Boxes, or Black Take Out Box with Handle for any rice, salad, and pasta meals. Create some DIY decals and stick them up on these black boxes for your inexpensive approach for the special limited edition takeout packaging. You can also ask PacknWood to customize these boxes if you order the minimum quantity requirement. You can check the other size variation on PacknWood Grab and Go Collection.

Chic Beverages and Yummy Halloween Confections

You can also decorate with your drinks and confections. PacknWood has a variety of paper straw designs. This Halloween, the Durable Black & White Chevron Design Paper Straws and  Polka Dot Paper Straws are suitable for creating chic beverages for your restaurant or catered events. Furthermore, bakeries can use the Black Tulip and Lotus designs Baking Cups to create beautiful Halloween themed cupcakes and muffins. They are also available in white color. You can also top your cupcakes with some Halloween character stickers using “BOOT” Single Prong Bamboo Skewer With Block End or any Paddle Skewers.

Going Green for Halloween

How about considering making a green design this Halloween? Try purchasing eco-friendly items that will have less of an impact on the environment and will impress your customers. Using disposables can also speed up your restaurant operation, especially if you expect a full house for the holiday. Switch to PacknWood now for your restaurant and catering supply needs.

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