Elegant Double Wall Black Compostable Paper Cups with Eco-Labels


Coffee is a daily routine for many people, especially of working professionals who need stimulants to keep them moving.  A cup of joe for breakfast, a cup for brunch or afternoon meetings, and another one to stay awake for working overtime. Friends meeting in cafes to chat while enjoying their coffees and teas is another scenario that coffee is part of culture and society. This trend makes coffee shops one of the fastest-growing sectors in the food service industry. 

Every brick and mortar restaurant and coffee shops have their concepts to stand out in the market. With different cafe themes and ambiance, the selection for coffee cups must be stretched. As an eco-friendly food service product supplier, we at PacknWood continue to create options to meet business owners’ demands and expectations. 

These Double Wall Black Compostable Paper Cups are one of the top-notch choices for eco-friendly coffee takeout and delivery cups. Here are the reasons why.

Functional Designs

The double-wall is designed to keep the warm temperature of hot beverages by adding an extra insulation layer. This will also prevent burning the hands of your customers. 

PacknWood also put eco-labels on the paper cups using natural ink. These labels (recyclable, biodegradable, compostable) will serve as a guide for the proper sorting of used cups into appropriate waste or compost bins. Additionally, these labels will make your customers know and remember you are using green products. This is an excellent way to showcase your commitment to the environment, making it part of your marketing and branding for your cafe. Eco-conscious people will surely be encouraged to support your business. 

Five Different Sizes

The Double Wall Black Compostable Paper Cups collection has five different sizes to accommodate each coffee’s perfect taste. From a small 4-ounce cup of espresso, a medium 8-ounce cappuccino up to a larger capacity of 12-ounce to 16-ounce of iced coffee to a 20-ounce oversized latte. Coffee tastes great when you have the right cup; the volume of water, the espresso shots, steamed milk, and some whipping cream on top should fit all in there.


Stunning Takeout and Delivery Paper Cups

The deep color black makes these compostable cups look sophisticated, and you can opt to customize them with your logo when you order the minimum quantity requirement. The right packaging is already a marketing tool. Every takeout and delivery orders create an opportunity to make others see your stunning coffee cups that will make them interested in your cafe. 

Certified Eco-Friendly Supplier

It’s easy to say you are an environmentally friendly supplier but proving it is another thing. At PacknWood, we take extra steps to establish our claim as a certified eco-friendly food service supplier. Some of these measures include the company acquiring raw materials accredited by reputable organizations. For example, our wood supplies used for wooden cutleries and stirrers were approved by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a global organization that grants certification to forests managed responsibly and sustainably. We also obtain CO2 Neutral certification according to PAS 2060 standards. Furthermore, we support climate projects in some countries. PacknWood guarantees that every product innovation will be based on company fundamentals to ensure that our commitment to the environment is intact. 

To order your Double Wall Black Compostable Paper Cups, call (201) 604-3840 or visit PacknWood.com for chat support assistance. 

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