Eco-Friendly Cookie Packaging Solutions

It isn’t a surprise to anybody, everyone loves cookies! Regardless of the season, cookies are everywhere and make life so much better. Even though chocolate chip cookies are the most popular ones, you can find cookies in many flavors and many shapes and you can be sure that no matter what you like you can find the perfect cookie for you!

What is so great and popular about cookies?

Not only they can satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you need it but they are also the perfect gift for any occasion!


Are you going to a baby shower? Why not bring a cute little box filled with delicious cookies and a pretty window lid that allows great food visibility? This Kray box would be the perfect packaging solution! Are you looking for wedding or birthday gifts? Bringing cookies always makes the party better! And the best part is that offering cookies to your loved ones is always a great way to share some love, just because they are worth it.

Especially after the Holidays season, it is always nice to receive cookies from a close friend, a family member or even a nice co-worker.

Whether you are baking your own cookies – always exciting around the Holiday season – or buying them at your favorite bakery, you have to be aware that packaging is extremely important. Why? Because beautiful packaging makes everything so much more exciting!

If you are looking for a box that you can easily open and close, you will love these wonderful Kray boxes we talked about earlier. With their clear window lid that allows great food visibility, you can get them in many sizes depending on how big your cookies are or how many you want to fit in them.


If you are looking for a more original and rustic solution, take a look at these adorable wooden baking molds made from natural wood and cotton. They also make great Eco-friendly cookie packaging!

When it comes to cookie packaging, options are infinite… Take a look at to see all of our different Eco-friendly packaging solutions! 

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