DimSum: Build your Own Steamer Buffet

blog-dimsum2Whether you are a caterer, an event planner or a restaurant offering buffets you need to be able to seduce your clients or customers with the way you display food. Image and atmosphere is everything and can make the difference and that is why we are going to talk about the Bamboo steamers!

You may be wondering why to use them to cook in the first place and the answer is really simple. Using them is very easy and makes such delicious food, you’ll soon want to steam everything you cook! Fairly inexpensive and made of Eco-friendly material, our Bamboo steamers provide healthier cooking and allow you to cook different food items at the same time by separating them.

blog-dimsum3Yes, their best feature is that they are stackable! Not only it is extremely convenient to cook everything at the same time while controlling the cooking time but it is also ideal for easy transportation and amazing presentation. Put them on top of one another and you can build your own buffet with floors and make it look the way you like it! Stackable with or without a lid, it is also excellent for tray placement and make your buffet look beautiful, original and most importantly very functional! From vegetables to seafood or even rice, Bamboo steamers are efficient, easy to use and maintain.

The possibilities are endless and your clients will appreciate how user friendly they are.

blog-dimsum1These Asian inspired displays make for beautiful pieces in any buffet, providing an elegant platform upon which to serve anything from sushi to salads to sweets.

You can also use kraft greaseproof liner for use in all size ‘‘DIM SUM’’ and make the best use out of it!


You now know why our stackable and reusable Bamboo Steamer are essential for an upscale looking buffet and why they are so convenient!

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