Classy and Eco-Friendly Disposable Black Coffee Lids

Whatever your coffee shop’s beverage cup colors are, these PacknWood classy and eco-friendly disposable black coffee lids will perfectly match. These small lids are a great addition to your foodservice supplies as they will match not only the color of your cups but also add visual appeal to your presentation, especially when you have a black and white coffee shop theme concept. They correspond to most cup sizes, which is very favorable for business inventory and profits. 

Made of CPLA

These black coffee lids are made out of eco-friendly plastic called CPLA that stands for Crystallized Polylactic Acid. It is a bioplastic that is made from plant-based materials. PacknWood uses fermented sugar from corn starch for these coffee lids that is also available in some plants like sugarcane. CPLA also has a traditional plastic look and feel, and can withstand hot drinks. However, the best feature of this material is that it’s biodegradable and compostable with proper sorting and composting process.

Stylish and Functional

Black expresses elegance and is always on-trend, just like how black dress never gets old in the fashion industry. The polished look of these lids elevates the overall presentation of your restaurant and coffee shop drinks.

Aside from being stylish, these lids are functional, too. They provide a spill-proof feature to your cups, especially for a takeout option convenient for people on the go. Lids also make the drinks enjoyable to customers because they prevent heat loss; thus, keeping the warm temperature of coffees or teas during delivery time. 


Polystyrene is the typical substance used in most food packaging, including coffee cup lids. But this material created a substantial negative impact on the environment because of its inability to decompose, giving an opportunity to bioplastics with the same features but are greener because they are biodegradable. 

Corn plants are one of the sustainable and abundant sources that are inexpensive, easy to produce, and renewable. This leads the supply chains to use the starch from them as raw materials to innovate and manufacture bioplastic. 

Shifting to Eco-Friendly Coffee Lids

The restaurant or food industry is one of the leading contributors to waste pollution; thus, shifting to eco-friendly alternatives even on the smallest foodservice supplies like coffee lids can make a difference in helping to diminish the trash in the landfills. PacknWood cares for the environment and wanted this virtue to be expanded to food establishment owners. 

Start being responsible for nature by prioritizing green products in your supply purchases, beginning with your cup lids. PacknWood black coffee lids are available in two different sizes to fit your small and large beverages. Apart from the coffee lids, we also have a complete stock of coffee cups of various sizes, designs, and colors. 

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