Choosing the Right Chopsticks


Chopsticks can be fun to eat with. The right pair of chopsticks can add a new dimension to a customer’s experience. While everyone is familiar with chopsticks, fewer people recognize that chopsticks are not all the same. For example, the eco-friendly chopsticks made available by PacknWood come in several variations that can significantly change the customer experience. This is a guide to choosing the right chopsticks for your customers. 

Wrapped vs. Sleeved

Single-use chopsticks are generally packaged in two variations: wrapped or sleeved. Wrapped chopsticks, like PacknWood’s Fully Paper Design Wrapped On The Go Wooden Chopsticks, are packaged in a sealed wrapper. This offers the most protection from cross-contamination and is likely the best choice for takeout orders or delivery orders. However, they may be difficult to open for customers with disabilities or young children. Sleeved chopsticks, like PacknWood’s Green & White Sleeved Bamboo Chopsticks, come in an open-ended sleeve. These are easy to remove from the packaging, but the length of the sleeve can leave the chopsticks exposed at one end, this is not ideal for orders with a high chance of cross-contamination, like letting customers grab their own chopsticks from a supply table. 

Bamboo vs. Plastic

Chopsticks are generally made from two types of materials: plastic or wood. Both options can be reused if they are designed properly. However, wood chopsticks are generally used as single-use items unless they are specially designed to be reused. Plastic chopsticks tend to be harder and less flexible, making them a bit less comfortable in people’s hands for long meals. Wood chopsticks, specifically bamboo chopsticks, are a bit more flexible and lighter in weight. This makes them more comfortable to use. They are also more temperature insulated than plastic, so they won’t heat or freeze a customer’s hand based on what he or she is eating. 

Beginner vs. Standard

Most people are familiar with standard chopsticks, but they may not be the best option for beginner chopstick users. Learning to use chopsticks can be easier with beginner chopsticks. They are usually designed to connect the two sticks together, like PacknWood’s Easy Wooden Chopsticks, to make them easier to hold. Having beginner chopsticks available makes using chopsticks more accessible to less skilled users or people with disabilities. 

Stylish vs. Standard

Standard chopsticks tend to have small adornments or styled carving points but are otherwise plain. If you need chopsticks for your restaurant with more personality and style, PacknWood’s Bamboo Stylish Chopsticks could be the better choice. They have a unique wide-center shape that makes them both easier to hold and more stylish than the standard chopsticks. They are also made using a darker bamboo to give them a deeper wood finish. You can use them in highly stylized restaurants where you need to have a specific style presence in every detail. 

Choose Your Chopsticks

With so many eco-friendly chopstick options to choose from, there is a right choice for your restaurant. PacknWood can help you get the right chopsticks and other eco-friendly restaurant supplies that can change how your customers experience your orders. Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3863 to order environmentally-friendly restaurant supplies for your services. 

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