Food Service Supplier’s Catalog Adds Bamboo Light Cutlery and Stirrers

PacknWood is now offering a new set of bamboo cutlery and stirrer collection to its comprehensive lineup of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. The new items include: 210CVBJN1 Bamboo light fork – 6.69in 210CVBJN2 Bamboo light knife – 6.69in 210CVBJN3 Bamboo light spoon – 6.69in 210BBSPAT11 Bamboo light stirrer – L: 4.33in W: 0.19in H: 0.04in 210BBSPAT14 […]

PacknWood Food Service Supplier Adds Compostable Brown Sugarcane Lids to Catalog

PacknWood is excited to announce new products to pair with your eco-friendly coffee cups. These Brown Sugarcane Lids are available in two sizes and can be used for your small and large cups.  210LPU80D  Brown Sugarcane Lids – D: 3.15in 210LPU90D  Brown Sugarcane Lids – D: 3.54in With the increased demand for using green disposable […]